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    Shop Colors

        Captiva Powder
        Bermuda White
        Metaluma Natural
        Gent linen blend solid Snow
        Wilmington Natural
        Joy White
        Dimples White
        Raw Silk Crepe Snow
        Ritz Silver
        Madison Cashmere
        Silkara Marble
        Neptune Sage
        Gent Bisque
        Wilmington Witeout
        Quill Platinum
        Madison Cotton
        Bayhead White Wash
        True White
        Uma Bone
        Tulsa White
        Charleston Blue
        Burma Alabaster
        Vine Spa Blue
        Twilight Glacier
        Joy Cloud
        Fynn White
        Ashton Stripe Ivory
        Dover Ivory
        Essence Smoke
        Joy Eggshell
        Quill Natural
        Tulsa Oyster
        Raw Silk Crepe Toast
        Bermuda Mushroom
        Gent Vanilla
        Beaucour Beach
        Wilmington Buff
        Rio Camel
        Everest Vapor
        Dimples Glacier
        Bayhead Grey Tint
        Tulum Swan
        Ashton Stripe Beige
        Silkara Sterling
        Silkara Cashew
        Dover Ming
        Captiva Brie
        Captiva Bone
        Paxton Lt. Grey
        Calvin Silverhaze
        Calvin Marine
        Monaco Natural Gold
        Vine Cove
        Twilight Oatmeal
        Lyon Soft Pink
        Carlo Spa Blue
        Tulsa Matka Silk Zen
        Greek Key Ivory
        Voisey Ocean
        Voisey Driftwood
        Twilight Ice Blue
        Neptune Brick
        Charleston Gold
        Gent linen blend solid Flax
        Wilmington Moonlight
        Rio Rye
        Rio Putty
        Lyon White
        Lucky Silver
        Fynn Cool Grey
        Everest Oat
        Patrick Fog
        Engaging Porcelain
        Winthrop Tortoise
        Uma Wheat
        Tulsa Mushroom
        Raw Silk Crepe Silver
        Ashton Linen
        Donnington Cornflower
        Orlando Cream
        Metaluma Cream
        Gent Flax
        Ritz Quartz
        Dandelion Blue
        Origami Platinum
        Lyon Lt. Blue
        Lyon Ivory
        Dimples Platinum
        Carlo Cove
        Raw Silk Water
        Captiva Sandlewood
        Bermuda Sage
        Findlay Seaglass
        Calvin Steel
        Calvin Natural
        Wilmington Bluestone
        Fynn Onyx
        Uma Sand
        Uma Graphite
        Tulsa Ash
        Silkara Earth
        Paxton Ash
        Donetta Cascade
        Wilmington Jute
        Vine Black
        Sri Lanka Blush
        Fynn French Grey
        Fleuretta Slate
        Chevron Zen
        Winthrop Camel
        Tulum Dusk
        Plush Velvet Silver
        Ashton Grey smoke
        Findlay Charcoal
        Voisey Greystone
        Everest Moon
        Greek Key Lily Pond
        Donnington Linen
        Donnington Clay
        Burma Zinc
        Burma Mineral
        Rio Atlantic
        Lyon Taupe
        Engaging Ecru
        Engaging Dew
        Tulum Alpine
        Neptune Regal
        Paxton Cappuccino
        Gent Smoke
        Vine Vintage Indigo
        Twilight Seal
        Rio Stone
        Lyon Silver
        Everest Silver
        Tulum Navajo
        Tulsa Matka Silk Twilight
        Neptune Delft
        Charleston Slate
        Captiva Earth
        Fynn Natural
        Winthrop Came
        Greek Key Beige
        Dover Red
        Captiva Drizzle
        Valdosta Platinum
        Ritz Charcoal
        Vibrato Blue
        Fynn Saffron
        Dandelion Slate
        Vibrato Grey
        Joy Silver
        Everest Taupe
        Eastfield Teak
        Beaucour Cloud
        Greek Key Vellum
        Greek Key Night
        Nottingham Carnelian
        Vibrato Taupe
        Fynn Coral
        Hatteras Cocoa
        Winthrop Tortoise
        Engaging Smoke
        Ashton Nugget
        Dover Pewter
        Orlando Charcoal
        Nottingham Sapphire
        Burma Smoke
        Sri Lanka Harvest
        Silkara Harvest
        Expo Linen Grey
        Valdosta Vintage
        Beaucour Bamboo
        Burma Aegean
        Chevron Space
        Tulum Rustique
        Dover Indigo
        Dandelion Pink
        Fynn Storm
        Silkara Myrtle
        Raw Silk Pebble
        Paxton Smoke
        Ashbury Camel
        Valdosta Night Sky
        Donetta Licorice
        Draw The Line Slate
        Ashton Camel
        Gent Linen Blend Solid Charcoal
        Tulum Ocean
        Rio Tobacco
        Hatteras Camel
        Sarasota Cocoa
        Lexi Grey
        Tulum Sterling
        Lexi Cafe
        Captiva Seaport
        Twilight Espresso
        Carlo Vintage Indigo
        Wilmington Caliente
        Twilight Bordeaux
        Camellia Fire
        Sarasota Camel
        Fynn Blue
        Red Velvet
        Plush Velvet Lapis
        Wilmington Nautical
        Plush Velvet Plum Wine
        Plush Velvet Black
        Wilmington Ebony
        Ashton Wine
        Ashton Navy
        Ashton Chocolate
        Lucky Navy
        Carlo Black
        Dover Onyx
        Lucky Black

    Affordable Custom Roman Shades for Windows

    If you are looking for trendy, inexpensive window coverings that blend the feel of drapes with the versatility of classic window shades, buy and customize our Affordable Custom Roman Shades for Windows. These budget-friendly, cut-to-measure draped window coverings are available in 100’s of sizes, colors, patterns, fabrics, and fold styles to fit your unique decor. Need free samples? Order now! Plus free shipping, discounts, & more!

    Custom Roman Shades Discounted

    Key Features

    • High-end, durable fabrics at lower prices
    • Nice balance between traditionality and modernity
    • Personalized dynamic unique style
    • Fit all windows, from extra small (12 x 16”) to extra large (115 x 120”)
    • Uncluttered, streamlined appearance 
    • 100% cordless control styles available
    • Motorized and smart controls available for ultimate convenience
    • Solid hues, neutral tones, and vibrant colors
    • Dozens of pattern and design options
    • Cotton, bamboo, yard linen, and other fabrics
    • Inside, outside, & flush inside mounts
    • Only 2 ¼” minimum depth requirement for an inside mount
    • Inside (factory determined deduction) or outside mounts (no deduction)
    • Color-coordinated, pre-drilled headrail
    • Easy to install and operate
    • Rod-pockets for hanging Roman curtains

    How These Shades Will Help You

    Make Your Interiors Trendier

    Make your home and office interiors look more stylish & trendier! With a rich, luxurious look, our brand-new fabric romans are a beautiful alternative to traditional window coverings. They will add a traditional warmth to your window treatment along with a modern feel and functionality.

    Unlike other light control blinds, they stack evenly when you open them into flat or other fold styles, and look smooth when drawn closed.

    Customize to Perfection

    Personalize our practical Roman shades for size, fold style, color, design, and finish. Plus there are lots of stunning fabric options to perfectly match your unique decor. They can even fit your sliding glass doors and odd-shaped windows.

    Ultimate Light Control

    Complete Privacy Control

    Control privacy in every room of your home by raising/opening, lowering/closing, or adjusting these popular Roman window treatments.

    Lots of Fold Style

    • Soft Fold: Choose hobbled-style budget-saving cheap Roman window coverings with soft folds for a drapery-like look. When opened, the fabric elegantly cascades down your window opening.
    • Flat Fold: Get a clean, minimalist look! Treat your shallow windows and French doors with slim profile flat fold Roman shades.
    • Plain Classic Pleated Fold: Want a more structured, contemporary design with uniformed classic pleats and evenly-spaced seams for stability? Buy our handcrafted plain classic fold romans. As you close the shade, the fabric panels will simply fold over the next.
    • European Relaxed Fold: One of the most loved fold styles, European relaxed fold gives these low-priced Roman shades a soft, organic look and feel.
    • Front Slat Fold: Choose front slat Roman shades to add a unique visual interest with horizontal tucks on the front of the Roman shade.

    Color-Conscious Models

    Safety and Security

    No annoying, tangled cords! Cordless control styles, such as top-down/bottom-up, available on all roman shades! 100% conforming with New Federal Safety Standards for Custom Window Coverings, these affordable custom romans are a safe choice for homes and other spaces with young children and pets.

    Easy to Clean & Care for

    Keep your Roman window coverings clean and looking new with regular dusting, vacuuming, and washing with water and mild detergent (if needed).

    Optional Add-ons

    • Privacy Liner: Add a room darkening or blackout liner to maximize privacy in your sleeping quarters or home theaters.
    • Motorized with Wireless Remote: Use 1- to 16-channel remote to control a shade separately or all shades of your home together!
    • App-Control Lift: Integrate smart motorized Roman shades into your smart home automation system and close, open, or semi-open/semi-close your shades with your voice or an app.

    Additional Benefits

    Buy this product here at and get:

    Measuring Instructions

    Here is our DIY step-by-step measurement guide.

    Installation Instructions

    Hardware components included. For a professional, inch-by-inch fit, follow our DIY step-by-step installation guide.

    Installation Time

    18 to 20 minutes

    Shipping Information

    Shipped from San Diego, CA.

    Key Considerations

    • Consider the color of window trim and overall interior design to choose the right custom Roman shades for your home.
    • For combined light filtering and blackout functionality, choose our sheers or room darkening zebra shades.
    • If you are looking to block UV rays while preserving view, select solar roller shades.
    • Want the folds of the window blind to stack more fluidly on the top of one another and put less stress on the shade’s control system when raised? Choose lighter, thinner fabrics like linen, cotton, and silk.
    • When treating the windows of your farmhouse or a seaside resort, you might want a rustic feel with good privacy. Our woven wood shades would be a better alternative.
    • Add several inches to height below the window frame to give them a long drape-like look.


    We strongly recommend a free sample to see how the real colors, designs, and floral patterns look before finally selecting and purchasing the product.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it cheaper to make or buy Roman shades?

    DIY Roman shades are cheaper! If you have a sewing machine, a drill, and a sheet of fabric, you can make these pleating, string-pulled window coverings easily and economically. Meanwhile, you can also buy a high-end designer favorite Roman blind at an affordable rate here at

    Why do Roman shades cost so much?

    First, Roman shades are detail oriented, labor-intensive curtains. They require more labor fees due to their meticulous craftsmanship. Second, a tremendous amount of time is spent in creating them. Third, they require rods for stiffening, which makes them costlier. 

    Are Roman shades more expensive than drapes?

    No! Drapes are costlier than Roman shades due to many reasons. First, plenty of fabric is used in making drapes, as they are cut to floor length. Second, they are made from heavier, thicker fabrics that are costlier.

    What is the average price range of custom Roman shades for windows?

    On average, the sale price of custom Roman window coverings ranges from less than $100 to over $900 depending on size, style, motorization, and other factors.

    Need Help?

    Use 24/7 live chat or call at (800) 863-6109 to contact our experts for design selection, installation, design consultation, and more!




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