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    Chevron Snow
    Uma Off White
    Lexi Cream
    Captiva Powder
    Bermuda White
    Metaluma Natural
    Gent linen blend solid Snow
    Wilmington Natural
    Joy White
    Dimples White
    Raw Silk Crepe Snow
    Ritz Silver
    Madison Cashmere
    Silkara Marble
    Neptune Sage
    Gent Bisque
    Ivory Beige
    Wilmington Witeout
    Quill Platinum
    Madison Cotton
    White Linen
    Uma Bone
    Tulsa White
    Charleston Blue
    Burma Alabaster
    Vine Spa Blue
    Twilight Glacier
    Joy Cloud
    Fynn White
    Ashton Stripe Ivory
    Dover Ivory
    Essence Smoke
    Joy Eggshell
    Quill Natural
    Tulsa Oyster
    Raw Silk Crepe Toast
    Bermuda Mushroom
    Gent Vanilla
    Beaucour Beach
    Wilmington Buff
    Rio Camel
    Everest Vapor
    Dimples Glacier
    Tulum Swan
    Silkara Sterling
    Ashton Stripe Beige
    Silkara Cashew
    Dover Ming
    Captiva Brie
    Captiva Bone
    Paxton Lt. Grey
    Calvin Silverhaze
    Calvin Marine
    Monaco Natural Gold
    Vine Cove
    Twilight Oatmeal
    Lyon Soft Pink
    Carlo Spa Blue
    Tulsa Matka Silk Zen
    Greek Key Ivory
    Voisey Ocean
    Voisey Driftwood
    Twilight Ice Blue
    Neptune Brick
    Charleston Gold
    Gent linen blend solid Flax
    Wilmington Moonlight
    Rio Rye
    Rio Putty
    Lyon White
    Lucky Silver
    Fynn Cool Grey
    Everest Oat
    Cloud Blackout
    Uma Wheat
    Tulsa Mushroom
    Raw Silk Crepe Silver
    Ashton Linen
    Donnington Cornflower
    Orlando Cream
    Metaluma Cream
    Gent Flax
    Dandelion Blue
    Ritz Quartz
    Origami Platinum
    Lyon Lt. Blue
    Lyon Ivory
    Dimples Platinum
    Carlo Cove
    Raw Silk Water
    Captiva Sandlewood
    Bermuda Sage
    Findlay Seaglass
    Calvin Steel
    Calvin Natural
    Wilmington Bluestone
    Fynn Onyx
    Uma Sand
    Uma Graphite
    Tulsa Ash
    Silkara Earth
    Paxton Ash
    Donetta Cascade
    Wilmington Jute
    Vine Black
    Sri Lanka Blush
    Fynn French Grey
    Fleuretta Slate
    Chevron Zen
    Tulum Dusk
    Plush Velvet Silver
    Ashton Grey smoke
    Findlay Charcoal
    Dove Grey
    Voisey Greystone
    Everest Moon
    Greek Key Lily Pond
    Donnington Linen
    Donnington Clay
    Burma Zinc
    Burma Mineral
    Rio Atlantic
    Lyon Taupe
    Tulum Alpine
    Neptune Regal
    Paxton Cappuccino
    Gent Smoke
    Vine Vintage Indigo
    Twilight Seal
    Rio Stone
    Lyon Silver
    Everest Silver
    Tulum Navajo
    Tulsa Matka Silk Twilight
    Neptune Delft
    Charleston Slate
    Captiva Earth
    Antique Linen
    Fynn Natural
    Light Brown
    Greek Key Beige
    Dover Red
    Captiva Drizzle
    Valdosta Platinum
    Ritz Charcoal
    Gold Rush
    Vibrato Blue
    Fynn Saffron
    Dandelion Slate
    Vibrato Grey
    Joy Silver
    Everest Taupe
    Ivory White
    Beaucour Cloud
    Greek Key Vellum
    Greek Key Night
    Nottingham Carnelian
    Vibrato Taupe
    Fynn Coral
    Ashton Nugget
    Dover Pewter
    Orlando Charcoal
    Nottingham Sapphire
    Burma Smoke
    Sri Lanka Harvest
    Silkara Harvest
    Expo Linen Grey
    Valdosta Vintage
    Beaucour Bamboo
    Burma Aegean
    Chevron Space
    Tulum Rustique
    Dover Indigo
    Dandelion Pink
    Fynn Storm
    Silkara Myrtle
    Raw Silk Pebble
    Paxton Smoke
    Leaf Gold
    Valdosta Night Sky
    Donetta Licorice
    Draw The Line Slate
    Antique Linen
    Ashton Camel
    Gent Linen Blend Solid Charcoal
    Tulum Ocean
    Rio Tobacco
    Brushed Bronze
    Lexi Grey
    Tulum Sterling
    Lexi Cafe
    Captiva Seaport
    Twilight Espresso
    Carlo Vintage Indigo
    Wilmington Caliente
    Twilight Bordeaux
    Camellia Fire
    Fynn Blue
    Plush Velvet Lapis
    Wilmington Nautical
    Plush Velvet Plum Wine
    Plush Velvet Black
    Wilmington Ebony
    Ashton Wine
    Ashton Navy
    Ashton Chocolate
    Lucky Navy
    Carlo Black
    Dover Onyx
    Lucky Black

Top Blinds & Shades Features

Each room of your home, office, or other space has unique settings and subsequent requirements for light control, light filtration, brightness level, privacy, safety measures, and automation. So, you need to consider all these factors while choosing a future-oriented window treatment for your personalized settings. To save you time and energy, we have prepared this user guide for the selection of suitable features for your window treatment.

Shop Blackout Shades for Windows

Also called room darkening or nightfall shades, blackout shades for windows completely block out sunlight, thereby creating a night-like environment during the day. Roller shades and honeycomb or cellular shades are two common types of blackout shades for windows.

Shop Light Filtering Shades for Windows

If you want a soft, warm glow with diffused natural light along with complete privacy in your room, you might be looking for light filtering shades for windows. 

These no-see-through window treatments come with different light-filtering potentials, like 95% or less. A 90% light filtering shade will block out 90% natural light, while allowing only 10% of it to sail into your room.

Shop Outdoor Solar Shades

If your room or home is exposed to the sun during most of the day, you’d like to protect yourself and your belongings from harsh UV rays. Outdoor solar shades or sun shades will best serve your cause.

Made from an especially designed fabric or a screen-like mesh material, outside mount solar shades will not only block out light but also optimize the outside view, reduce glare, and prevent fading of furniture and other objects.

Shop Motorized Blinds for Windows

Motorization is a leap towards automating the working of your window treatments and improving safety for childre n and pets. Motorized blinds for windows eliminate traditional lift options like cords and wands. You can operate them with the push of a button or a remote control. Also, you can integrate them into your existing smart home automation system.

Shop Cordless Shades for Windows

While cord controlled window treatments involve the risk of entangling your kids and pets, cordless shades for windows improve safety, while also ensuring ease of operation. They also come in top-down, bottom-up style to add more functionality to your room, like proper ventilation and extra control of light and privacy.




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