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        Captiva Powder
        Bermuda White
        Metaluma Natural
        Gent linen blend solid Snow
        Wilmington Natural
        Joy White
        Dimples White
        Raw Silk Crepe Snow
        Ritz Silver
        Madison Cashmere
        Silkara Marble
        Neptune Sage
        Gent Bisque
        Wilmington Witeout
        Quill Platinum
        Madison Cotton
        Uma Bone
        Tulsa White
        Charleston Blue
        Burma Alabaster
        Vine Spa Blue
        Twilight Glacier
        Joy Cloud
        Fynn White
        Ashton Stripe Ivory
        Dover Ivory
        Essence Smoke
        Joy Eggshell
        Quill Natural
        Tulsa Oyster
        Raw Silk Crepe Toast
        Bermuda Mushroom
        Gent Vanilla
        Beaucour Beach
        Wilmington Buff
        Rio Camel
        Everest Vapor
        Dimples Glacier
        Tulum Swan
        Ashton Stripe Beige
        Silkara Sterling
        Silkara Cashew
        Dover Ming
        Captiva Brie
        Captiva Bone
        Paxton Lt. Grey
        Calvin Silverhaze
        Calvin Marine
        Monaco Natural Gold
        Vine Cove
        Twilight Oatmeal
        Lyon Soft Pink
        Carlo Spa Blue
        Tulsa Matka Silk Zen
        Greek Key Ivory
        Voisey Ocean
        Voisey Driftwood
        Twilight Ice Blue
        Neptune Brick
        Charleston Gold
        Gent linen blend solid Flax
        Wilmington Moonlight
        Rio Rye
        Rio Putty
        Lyon White
        Lucky Silver
        Fynn Cool Grey
        Everest Oat
        Patrick Fog
        Engaging Porcelain
        Uma Wheat
        Tulsa Mushroom
        Raw Silk Crepe Silver
        Ashton Linen
        Donnington Cornflower
        Orlando Cream
        Metaluma Cream
        Ritz Quartz
        Gent Flax
        Dandelion Blue
        Origami Platinum
        Lyon Lt. Blue
        Lyon Ivory
        Dimples Platinum
        Carlo Cove
        Raw Silk Water
        Captiva Sandlewood
        Bermuda Sage
        Findlay Seaglass
        Calvin Steel
        Calvin Natural
        Wilmington Bluestone
        Fynn Onyx
        Uma Sand
        Uma Graphite
        Tulsa Ash
        Silkara Earth
        Paxton Ash
        Donetta Cascade
        Wilmington Jute
        Vine Black
        Sri Lanka Blush
        Fynn French Grey
        Fleuretta Slate
        Chevron Zen
        Tulum Dusk
        Plush Velvet Silver
        Ashton Grey smoke
        Findlay Charcoal
        Voisey Greystone
        Everest Moon
        Greek Key Lily Pond
        Donnington Linen
        Donnington Clay
        Burma Zinc
        Burma Mineral
        Rio Atlantic
        Lyon Taupe
        Engaging Ecru
        Engaging Dew
        Tulum Alpine
        Neptune Regal
        Paxton Cappuccino
        Gent Smoke
        Vine Vintage Indigo
        Twilight Seal
        Rio Stone
        Lyon Silver
        Everest Silver
        Tulum Navajo
        Tulsa Matka Silk Twilight
        Neptune Delft
        Charleston Slate
        Captiva Earth
        Fynn Natural
        Greek Key Beige
        Dover Red
        Captiva Drizzle
        Valdosta Platinum
        Ritz Charcoal
        Vibrato Blue
        Fynn Saffron
        Dandelion Slate
        Vibrato Grey
        Joy Silver
        Everest Taupe
        Beaucour Cloud
        Greek Key Vellum
        Greek Key Night
        Nottingham Carnelian
        Vibrato Taupe
        Fynn Coral
        Engaging Smoke
        Ashton Nugget
        Dover Pewter
        Orlando Charcoal
        Nottingham Sapphire
        Burma Smoke
        Sri Lanka Harvest
        Silkara Harvest
        Expo Linen Grey
        Valdosta Vintage
        Beaucour Bamboo
        Burma Aegean
        Chevron Space
        Tulum Rustique
        Dover Indigo
        Dandelion Pink
        Fynn Storm
        Silkara Myrtle
        Raw Silk Pebble
        Paxton Smoke
        Valdosta Night Sky
        Donetta Licorice
        Draw The Line Slate
        Ashton Camel
        Gent Linen Blend Solid Charcoal
        Tulum Ocean
        Rio Tobacco
        Lexi Grey
        Tulum Sterling
        Lexi Cafe
        Captiva Seaport
        Twilight Espresso
        Carlo Vintage Indigo
        Wilmington Caliente
        Twilight Bordeaux
        Camellia Fire
        Fynn Blue
        Plush Velvet Lapis
        Wilmington Nautical
        Plush Velvet Plum Wine
        Plush Velvet Black
        Wilmington Ebony
        Ashton Wine
        Ashton Navy
        Ashton Chocolate
        Lucky Navy
        Carlo Black
        Dover Onyx
        Lucky Black

    The Best Of European Roman Shades Collection At The Online Stores

    When fabric and styling is concerned, some parts of the world do have strong influences on products so much that certain styles and forms are attributed to the regions. Thus the European roman shades does not have much European about it other than that it is a much-understated style that lays stress in subtlety than a loud statement at best.

    Also consider our best selling related blinds and shades:


    European Roman Shades

    The fact that the European fold roman shades do tend to look sober for the most part does help to stay focused on varying the colors and hues to bring on the added effect most of the time. It would naturally follow that the style is more a change of presentation than an indeed attempt at bringing out something different.

    Handling the change of seasons with the European roman shades

    A vital feature of the European countries is the fact that they do have four distinct seasons. Each set of seasons do bring about a change of livery, of the people as well as the places of stay. It need not be that this change of appearance takes place each year, but the difference is seasons are the regular trigger to attempt the transformation of window dressing most of the time. When it comes to conveniences, the Europeans are not to be left behind, and this is demonstrated by the Roll ease European style roman shades that seek to smoothen out the standard action of the lifting blinds by using a rolling mechanism to open and shut the window blinds. At places that are in use by the older people, this is a convenient system to have around as there is a marked lower effort that needs to be used with the mechanism.

    Changing European fold roman shades

    The decor and window dressing at most places, be it the places of work or stay does not last forever. There are the everyday wear and tear that usually occurs with time and use. It is thus natural that the window dressing and the decor are changed from time to time. Some types of dressing last a lot longer than others and hence would need that fewer changes over time.

    Unlike the more rigid of styles in the market when it comes to window dressing the European style roman shades can be taken as a good option for the mix and match efforts. The pastel shades do manage to mix well with any other sort of setting, and this is a definite selling point with style. If only the roman shades could be more accepted in the warmer climates of the world, then the need to be more "European" in approach to the window dressing would be very evident. All said and done; at Affordable Blinds, every effort is made to keep the customer at the center of attention. Every form of European roman shades is offered, and a customized attempt is bound to bring out the preferred way that each client wants at all times.

    European Roman Shades Benefits

    The European Roman Shade is one of the most popular window treatments around today for a few reasons. With European Roman shades, you get the functionality of a shade with the beauty of traditional drapery. You can choose from a wide range of fabrics with different colors, prints, and textures. Mo matte the style or decor of your home, you’ll be able to find a set of shades that works perfectly for your needs. There are plenty of light options to pick from as well, including room darkening, light-filtering, and blackout options, making these European Roman shades one of the most versatile window treatments around. You can place them in a living room, bedroom, or just about any room that you’d like to impart an elegant and sophisticated look into. Beyond that, we offer plenty of lift options as well. There is a handy cordless lifting system that is perfect for those who want to get rid of unsightly cords or for those who have children or pets, as cords can be a major safety concern.

    Custom Style With Incredible Value

    With tons of options for customization, matching your decor without breaking the bank is easier than ever. There are plenty of lift system upgrades to choose from, including liners, edge banding, and lift systems. Our goal at Affordable Blinds is to make it easier for our customers to find personalized window treatments.

    Privacy & Light Control

    Our custom Roman shades offer fabric lining upgrades for those who want a bit more light control. Choose between room darkening fabrics and blackout fabrics depending on how much light control you want. If you have a room where privacy isn’t the main concern, going with one of the standard lining options might be just fine. However, you might choose to go with a blackout option for rooms like bedrooms, nurseries, or media rooms, where privacy and light control are crucial. If you’re looking to provide your home with better insulation and protection from the transfer of heat and cold, we highly recommend grabbing a thermal liner. Thermal liners are very energy efficient, not only safeguarding against the heat and the cold but also protecting your home from potentially harmful UV rays.

    Lift System Options

    Making sure that your children and pets are safe at all times should be your number one priority. In parts of your home where your small children or pets can access, having a cordless lift option creates a sense of safety. Dangling cords can be a choking hazard, so getting rid of them is key in making your home a safer place. You can also choose to go with a continuous cord loop. Continuous cord loop lifts anchor onto the wall and remains the same length whether they are lowered or raised. We highly recommend going with a continuous cord lift if you have a very wide or large window, as trying to raise and lower heavy fabric with a standard cord can be quite difficult.




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