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Often it is the most simple of presentations that prove to be the most striking.  This would be true of the typical varieties of roman shades on a rod, and it is the very construction that goes on to add the compact form to the whole set of window blinds.  The combined strength of the rod that is kept in the pocket would go on to conceal the rod efficiently at the same time ensure compactness of shape quite unlike any other type of folded model roman window screen.

The importance of the appearance of your room once styled

The roman style window treatments using the tension rods are one of the many choices available to the customer to use, and it would be one of the more costly of the options available.  This has to do with the kind of fabric material that is usually seen in use with the curtain rod roman shades.  It is this rod at the very top that provides the support to keep the whole fabric in compact shape at the top when the curtain is pulled open.  This sort of an effect cannot be achieved by the usual type of roman styled window blinds for the fact that there is little by way of support at the very top of the screens. If you are looking for custom roman shades click here.

In fact, the strong point of the shades mounted on curtain rod is this sort of excellent appearance that does call attention to it.  Since there is good support right across the top of the blinds, it is possible to put on a higher load on to the fabric.  So the rod supported blinds can take on a physical punishment quite unlike the regular set of regular window screens for the most part.

Different Types of Models to choose from

The classical model of the traditional types of window screens does not have the kind of support provided by the curtain rod on the top, and hence there does happen to be a certain amount of sag at the middle part of the curtain fabric.  This sag has been eliminated with the use of the rod in a pocket, and there has been a sharp difference in the very appearance at most times.

There is not much to do to have a rod to be positioned at the top part of the roman type screen, but the effect regarding improved appearance just cannot be matched easily by another competing presentation.  There are the magnetic rods do add a bit of value to the product and brings on the extra bit of functionality most of the time. Some of our other designs are top down bottom up cellular shades.

With Affordable Blinds, every effort is taken to keep up with the latest on offer in the field of blinds.  There are some easy to follow measuring tips that would ensure that the window blinds are made to order and can be just the right fit.  Thus the outfitter is the right choice when it comes to having the roman blinds done and at an affordable cost too.

Affordable Pocket Roman Shades