• Color
    •     White
    •     Daylight
    •     Cool White
    •     Ivory Beige
    •     Flaxen White
    •     Flaxen Ivory
    •     Flaxen Grey
    •     Vanilla
    •     Dove Grey
    •     Antique Linen
    •     Ivory
    •     Flaxen Linen
    •     Tussah
    •     Gold Rush
    •     Amber
    •     Silver
    •     Moss
    •     Leaf Gold
    •     Storm
    •     Antique Linen
    •     Espresso
  • Outdoor / Water Safe
    • Outdoor Use
  • Lift Styles
    • Motorized
    • Cordless
    • Top Down Bottom Up
    • Corded
  • Light Control
    • Light Filtering
    • Room Darkening
    • Blackout

The best honeycomb cellular shades for windows (2023) utilize small cells, otherwise known as honeycomb cells, which are fitted between two pieces of fabric. 

The cells resemble the shape of a honeycomb, helping to trap heat and cold to provide a unique insulation element, helping to cut down on heat or cold transfer and keep your house temperature where you want it to be.

Beyond their unique insulation characteristics, the best honeycomb cellular shades for windows (2023) come in a wide variety of colors, styles, shapes, and sizes. 

If you are shopping at Affordable Blinds for the best cellular shades for energy efficiency for your home, we highly recommend looking at the buying guide below. Here we have provided tons of useful information outlining the several features present in cellular shades.

Hopefully, you will want to find the best honeycomb cellular shades for windows (2023) with single cell and double cell designs that are energy-efficient, reducing the overall cost of your monthly energy bills. 

Also, you will like room darkening cellular shades that complement your decor and create the space you have always dreamed of having. For a better room darkening effect, you should go for a double cell design. Still, there are other variants, i.e., day and night cordless blackout cellular shades and day night cellular shades with light filtering feature.

The best honeycomb cellular shades for windows, available for sale at the online shop, are also easy to measure for, install, operate, clean, maintain, and repair (if needed). Also, your window treatments for home or office are available with various free options, like free shipping, free samples, a worry-free fit guarantee, and a free lifetime warranty. Meanwhile, you can get huge price or sale discounts of up to 70%, literally!

Here it is important to note that cellular blinds and shades are often used interchangeably, but they have differences. You can compare and contrast these window treatments for better understanding. Usually, it is believed that cellular shades are better than blinds.

Benefits of Best Honeycomb Cellular Shades for Windows (2023)

The splendor of honeycomb shades, also referred to as cellular shades, goes beyond what meets and greets the eye. 

  • Offer a Soft Look

The best honeycomb room darkening cellular shades for windows (2023) offer a soft look.

Honeycomb shades are made of high-quality materials and are efficient in providing the softness that your room needs to be warm and inviting. Rather than investing in costly blinds and curtains, you can simply pick shades for windows as an alternative. Another alternative is roller shades. You can compare cellular shades with roller shades to see which one is better. There are certain differences between cellular shades and roller shades.

  • Energy Efficient in Hot & Cold Weather

Also, they are among the most energy-efficient window treatments for your home, keeping the cold out in the colder months and the heat out in the hotter months. 

The best honeycomb cellular shades for windows (2023) are so energy efficient that they can decrease energy loss by up to fifty percent.

The cells are quite unique, as they help create small pockets of air in which heat or cold transferred between the window and the room are trapped.

These shades are great for areas with both hot or cold weather. Regardless of your climate, these shades can keep your room at the right temperature, offering energy efficiency and temperature control throughout your home.

  • A Great Versatility

Versatile and attractive, honeycomb shades consist of variants like vertical (perfect for sliding glass doors), continuous cord loops, cordless (ideal for children’s safety), and top-down bottom-up or top bottom shades. Among them, there are many benefits of cordless cellular shades.

  • Diverse Construction Options

Honeycomb or cellular blinds and shades are available for sale in different constructions, like triple, double, and single-cell thicknesses.

Moreover, you can use them to block out the sun if you so desire. Honeycomb essential cordless shades are available in a variety of designs, some of which should fit your windows. 

This means that even if you have an arched window, you will no doubt still be able to find shade cellular that will fit it. 

Moreover, some styles even come with a cordless design which can increase their efficiency. Honeycomb shades can also be found in a variety of different colors and sizes.

You can choose the one that matches your window best as well as the overall design of your entire room. This way, they will certainly add to the elegance and style of your house. 

  • Unique Honeycomb-within-a-Honeycomb Design

There is even a honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb design affording the industry's highest level of energy efficiency. 

  • A Wide Range of Functionalities

Custom cellular shades can be made with functions like cordless blackout, nightfall, room darkening, single cell light filtering, double cell light filtering, and semi-sheer, to match any personal requirements of homeowners.

Honeycomb shades are also available in different textures and colors. 

  • Combined Sidetrack System to Prevent Light Leakage

For the best window insulation, cellular shades come with a combined sidetrack system that covers up the gaps between windows and cellular shades to create a solid insulating barrier to drafts. Also, they have light filtering options and can create a room darkening effect.

There is also a sidetrack system to get rid of any light -leakage. These low range light filtering shades are perfect for daytime sleepers and media rooms. 

  • Incredible Insulation Properties

One of the main reasons that people choose to go with the best honeycomb cellular shades is that they provide incredible insulation for the home. 

Honeycomb shades come with uniquely long, open channels, which trap air in the window and insulate the room from cold weather in the winter and hot weather in the summer.

Honeycomb shades have one of the best R values in the window treatment industry. R-value is used to measure the resistance of a window treatment to heat transfer. 

  • Custom Light Control and Privacy

Beyond their insulation properties, honeycomb shades offer some of the best light control, light filtering option, and privacy features. Of course, the amount of privacy you get comes down to the fabric that you choose. 

If you choose to go with a sheer fabric, you will get more of light-filtering options. For rooms like kitchens or dining spaces, having warm, natural light can be beneficial.

However, if you are purchasing honeycomb shades for rooms like bedrooms or nurseries, you might want to go with a darker honeycomb shade. 

For folks who would rather not cover their window, but are forced to because of insulating issues, light control or privacy, honeycomb shades can be fully raised so that they only block a small portion of your view.

  • Suitable for All Window Types

From arches to standard windows, skylights, special shapes, and angles, the best honeycomb cellular shades for windows (2023) can cover any window in your home.

  • Reducing Glare

People working with computers find shades a good option as it avoids glare on the screens of the computer and at the same time providing the necessary light and ventilation.

  • Simultaneous Light Blockage and Brightness

Mostly these shades are translucent and act as a good barrier to light, at the same time maintaining the brightness of the room. 

Some window cellular shades are light-blocking models, room darkening cellular shades, and provide total privacy to the owners. 

  • Easy to Clean Honeycomb Cellular Shades for Windows

Cleaning the shades is easy. However, periodic wiping is necessary for proper maintenance. 

  • Easier to Handle Cord Loops

There are various options available like continuous cord loops, top/down, or bottom/up options.

The continuous cord loops are easier to handle; the other option can be used to lower the upper portion of the shade to modify the amount of light entering the room and maintain the privacy of the owners.

  • Basking in Sunlight

These are mostly suitable for those living in apartments who can bask in sunlight at the same time avoiding the attention of the neighbors.

Other slender models are also available for windows that are narrow. 

  • Remote Control Operate Honeycomb Cellular Shades (2023)

Models operated by remote control are also available for the easier handling of shades used for windows that are out of reach. These shades add a touch of glamor and luxury to any room in the house.

  • Made from Distinctive Cellular Fabric

The best honeycomb blackout cellular shades and blinds are made of a distinctive cellular fabric that provides a beautiful modern look thanks to its horizontal, crisp pleats. Apart from its modish look, it is also a good room insulator.

  • Duo-tone Honeycomb Fabric Designs

Most honeycomb fabrics are duo-tone with only the white side visible from the outside (from the perspective of someone out of the house). A uniform outside appearance can be easily achieved no matter what shade you choose your window shades to be since the outer part of the shades is colored white.

  • A Huge Variety of Colors and Shades to Choose from

These shades are available in almost any color or shade imaginable. The fabrics are available as metalized black-out or semi-transparent.

  • Specialty Shapes for Uniquely Styled Windows

There are also shades that are manufactured in "specialty" shapes for special and uniquely shaped windows. Some honeycomb shades only provide minimal or partial light transfer while some offer absolute black-out. 

  • Ultra-Slim Variants of Honeycomb Cellular shades

If you want shades that can be rebated right up to the window glass, ultra-slim window shades would be perfect for you. Just make sure that the brand you choose offers great quality and durability since ultra-slim shades are prone to easy damage with improper use or accidents.

Most individuals have their preferences in decorating their homes and treating their window coverings. At times, they are even willing to spend a small fortune simply to achieve the look that they desire.

  • A Blend of Beauty and Economy

However, with recent designs and alternatives to typical window treatments, you can certainly give your windows a look that is not only beautiful but one that is also affordable. 

  • Achieve Personalized Decor

With honeycomb cellular window shades, you can achieve the decor that you desire, and you will also be able to bring shade into your room efficiently.

These shades are also a great alternative to other types of window treatments such as pleated shades and wooden blinds which can cost a great deal more. For more information, you can read a comparison of pleated shades with cellular shades. 

  • Easy to Install 

Blackout cellular shades and their other variants are easy to manipulate, easy to install, and are readily available in the market.

  • Long Life

Even if they are exposed to direct sunlight for long hours, you can rest assured that they are hard-wearing enough to last a long time.

  • Durable Material

Moreover, since they are very efficient, not only can you use them indoors but you can also install them outdoors. With durable materials and efficient functionality, you are sure that they are going to last a long time in your home. 

  • Intelligent Honeycomb Cellular Engineering

Honeycomb cellular shades for windows (2023) have got their name due to their hexagonal shape when lowered. They bear much resemblance to the cellular structure of the honeycomb. 

These hexagonal cells act as air pockets and do the job of insulators. 

  • Noise and Pollution Reduction

They reduce the noise caused by traffic outside and also act as a barrier to reduce the polluted air coming inside the house.

The air pockets in these shades prevent hot air from coming inside as well as maintaining the coolness of the interior of the house by retaining the coolness inside.

  • Affordability Plus Quality Side by Side

Some homeowners consider cellular shades as expensive window treatments, but you can easily find inexpensive products. When it comes to finding inexpensive yet high-quality honeycomb cellular shades, we pride ourselves on offering all of the above, which is why so many happy customers recommend us to friends and family looking to purchase new window treatments for their homes or offices. 

Make sure to get in touch with us here at Affordable Blinds for a free sample. Also, we offer free shipping and a free lifetime guarantee.

For more information regarding honeycomb cellular shades for windows, make sure to get in contact with our experienced customer service team so that they can help you find what you are looking for.

You may also reach out to any of the manufacturers found in our inventory for further answers on certain products.

  • Easy Access to a Trusted Online Store

You can also find honeycomb shades online in online stores like, and you will not find it difficult to choose a style that best suits your home. Furthermore, since they can be easily installed, you will find it simple to add them to your home.

  • Double or Triple Cell Upgrade

One feature that you may want to consider is whether you want to upgrade your single cell blackout honeycomb shades to double-cell or triple-cell designs. 

While a single-cell honeycomb cellular shade is great, double-cell and triple-cell models come with two or three layers of cells, respectively, allowing a bit more insulation for the windows.

  • Motorized with Wireless Remote

If you plan on going with motorized cellular shades, we recommend looking for cellular shades that either have a wireless remote control or a smartphone app, which allows you to control your shades from anywhere in the house. 

There are plenty of motorized honeycomb cellular shades in our inventory that are completely compatible with smart home devices, such as Alexa or Google Home. 

These types of motorized devices can provide complete control and flexibility for your window treatments.

  • Tons of Lift Options

Honeycomb shades have tons of different lift options to choose from. One of the most popular types of honeycomb shades that we offer here at Affordable Blinds is top-down/bottom-up shades or top bottom shades.

These honeycomb shades can be lifted from the top of the bottom of the window, allowing you to allow light in from multiple directions.

Top-down/bottom-up honeycomb shades can be great for bathrooms, as you can still get privacy without completely blocking out natural light.

  • Cordless Option for Honeycomb Shades 2023

Of course, you can also choose to go with cordless honeycomb shades, which are great for homes with small children and pets. Not only can cords be unsightly when around certain types of decor, but they can also pose a choking hazard for both children and pets.

So yes, not only do these shades look great paired with just about any decor, but they can also make your home a more comfortable place to live in overall.

If you’re looking to procure the best honeycomb cellular shades for your home, make sure to get in contact with us here at Affordable Blinds. We carry a wide variety of high-quality styles, perfect for just about any room in the home.

If you’re unsure whether honeycomb or cellular shades will look good in your home, then get in touch with us for a free sample before you make your commitment.

Types of Honeycomb Cellular Shades for Windows

Before you start shopping for the best honeycomb cellular shades (2023), it is important that you have an understanding of the different types. They include cordless, top bottom, and motorized. 

Having a good understanding of these different cellular shade types will allow you to further narrow down your options and find the right type for your needs.

Cordless Cellular Shades

For homes with small children or pets, we highly recommend going with cordless honeycomb cellular shades. 

If you take a look at traditional shades or other window treatments, you’ll notice that they have long cords, which dangle next to the side of the window. These cords can act as potential strangulation threats for small children and pets.

The beauty of cordless cellular shades for windows is that they cut out the potential threat element by completely getting rid of the cord. With such kid safe options, you will not have any sort of safety risk with the best honeycomb cellular shades (2023).

Rather than having a cord on the outside, cordless cellular shades have a unique internal cord. Whenever you push up on the cellular shades or pull down, the shades will automatically lower or rise.

Cordless cellular shades also come with a unique locking system, which helps to keep the shades in place when they are not being used. 

You won’t have to fumble with light filtering cellular shades to get them where you want to be until you choose to lower or raise them again.

Top-Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades

Top-down cellular shades and top-down/bottom-up cellular shades are made to provide a bit more light control without sacrificing privacy.

The great thing about top-down cellular shades or honeycomb window treatment is that you can completely close the bottom half of the shade to give yourself a bit more privacy while letting the top half down to allow in a bit of natural light.

Of course, if you choose, you can also use top-down cellular shades in a traditional fashion by opening them up from the bottom, similar to a regular light filtering cellular shade. 

In this sense, with the best honeycomb cellular shades (2023) you don’t have to choose between privacy or natural light, giving you the best of both worlds. 

We highly recommend top-down bottom up honeycomb shades for bedrooms or bathrooms. They can even work well for media rooms if you want natural light without unwanted glare.

Motorized Honeycomb Shades

Motorized cellular shades, as you may have guessed, come equipped with a motor that you can control via a remote. Thanks to this remote control feature, these are some of the easiest honeycomb shades to operate. 

You can conveniently lower or raise your shades without ever having to get up out of bed or off the couch to pull a cord or push on the base.

Automatic Honeycomb Cellular shades

There are many motorized honeycomb cellular shades that come with programmability, meaning you can set them to close or open depending on the time of day. 

If you are someone who likes to sleep in complete darkness, but loves waking up to the sunlight, you can program your shades so that they automatically open and close during your chosen times.

If you have very young children who take naps, this can be a very handy feature. You could program their shades to lower as they begin their nap and program them to raise once naptime is over.

Beyond that, motorized cellular shades are great for hard-to-reach windows or windows that sit very high up on the wall. Plenty of our customers with disabilities or physical limitations love motorized cellular shades, as they are able to control their window shades without the help of anyone else.

Things to Consider when finding the best Honeycomb Cellular Shades for Windows

When you are on the hunt for the best honeycomb cellular shades (2023) on the market, you’ll begin to notice that there are many considerations you must make when you are trying to find the best set for your needs. 

To find the right considerations to keep in mind when you are looking for honeycomb cellular shades, take a few minutes to glance through our key consideration list. 

In doing so, you will ensure that you make the best decision when picking the best honeycomb cellular shades (2023) for your home space, as you’ll feel familiar with the different components.

  • Size and Dimensions

When it comes to purchasing any type of window treatment, even beyond cellular shades, you need to know the dimensions of your windows. The last thing you want is to choose the best honeycomb cellular shades (2023) that are neither too large nor too small.

  • Inside or Outside Mounting Option

The great thing about honeycomb cellular shades is that they provide you with the option to mount on the inside or outside of your window frame. 

Prior to measuring your windows, you need to decide which mounting style you want to go with, as the window shade dimensions will have to change slightly based on your choice.

If you choose to go with an inside mount, you will need to measure both the length and width of the inside portion of your window frame. 

Most all window treatment manufacturers will leave ¼-⅛ inches off the dimensions listed, as this allows for the proper fit on an inside window mount. 

Prior to finalizing your cellular shade purchase, you will need to confirm whether the manufacturer made this deduction from the cellular shades that you are thinking about purchasing.

On the other hand, if you decide that an outside mount is the right choice for you, then we highly recommend having your best honeycomb cellular shades (2023) extend around three inches beyond each side of the window. 

Having three inches on each side helps to keep light out and ensure the best privacy possible. To measure three inches past the window edge, use a pencil to mark it on both the left and right sides and measure that entire width.

  • Choice of a Measuring Tool

One of the best ways to get the most accurate measurement possible is to use a steel tape measuring tool rather than a cloth measuring tape or a ruler. 

Make sure to measure to the closest ⅛” and definitely make sure that you double-check your measurements prior to writing them down.

Window shade measurements always use width x height, so make sure that your measurements match that formula.

Some Quick Consumer Tips

When purchasing shades, make sure to check if all seams, holes, and cords can be hidden once it is installed to ensure the maximum aesthetic beauty of the best honeycomb cellular shades for windows 2023. 

It will decrease the aesthetic factor of the shades if cords and seams are sticking out messily. 

When you go shopping for window shades, it won't hurt if you tell the sales clerk right up front about your preferences and standards so that they won't have to go on offering you items which are not actually significant or related to your needs. 

Emphasize that you want an affordable yet high-quality product, one that would not easily be frayed or damaged. Try choosing window shades that are dust-resistant, washable and durable. 

It is always recommended to go for low maintenance shades, especially if your lifestyle is too hectic and busy.

Lastly, do not forget to inquire about warranty terms and conditions so that you can be sure that you get the most out of your money when you purchase your very own shades.

Fast tips for Cleaning Honeycomb Shades

If you want to maintain a pleasant temperature inside your room and if you want to improve the appearance of your house, it is advisable that you should install shades on the windows without any delay.

If you install these Affordable Blinds to improve the appearance of your house and if you want to maintain a pleasant temperature inside your home, it is advisable that you should take the initiative to clean them on a regular basis.

Here are a few essential tips that you should follow to clean shades in the best possible way.

First, create a mixture of high-quality soap and water and to apply this mixture to remove stains, grease, and dust from these items in the best possible way.

It is advisable that you should not prepare a mixture of ingredients that would cause damage to these items within a short period. Always wash them before they get into the inner parts of these items and they are dried up there. 

Before you clean the shades with the help of the mixture that you’ve just prepared, it’s prudent that you first apply a little bit of the mixture in another different spot for testing purposes. 

You should then get rid of it from that spot with a soft towel, and see if the mixture leaves any stain. An alternative way to get rid of dirt and dust from the shades is to use a vacuum cleaner as fast as possible.

It’s important that you should rub them softly with the help of this type of machine and it’s crucial that you keep them in the closed position before you start this process. 

This process lets you wash them and also helps to improve their functionality in the best possible way. You can also keep these items in water to remove dust and dirt from them in an effective way. 

If you keep them in water for a long period, then there is a possibility that you will be able to clean them within a short period. After you clean them correctly, the next step should be to hang them from the yard and allow them to dry up as quickly as possible. 

To dry them correctly, use a high-quality dryer and make sure you close the windows till they are completely dry. If you don't wash them correctly, there is a chance that these items might develop a yellowish tint and may also appear to be quite old. 

Whether you use a vacuum cleaning device or you use a thin sponge or cloth to wash away the dust in the best possible way, it is advisable that you should seek the help of an experienced shade cleaning service provider.

Buying Guide for Best Honeycomb Cellular Shades for Windows

Measuring Instructions for Best Honeycomb Cellular Shades for Windows

While taking accurate measurements for the honeycomb cellular shade sizes may be quite an easy task, the values may differ for outside mount window and inside mount window options.

For detailed information about taking exact window measurements, you can go through the step-by-step “how to measure best honeycomb cellular shades for windows” guide.

Installation Instructions for Best honeycomb cellular shades for Windows

For the installation of best honeycomb cellular shades for windows, you can read our DIY installation tips for how to install best honeycomb cellular shades for windows.

Other available guides include cordless lift step-by-step guide, continuous chain operation step-by-step guide, and motorized lift step-by-step guide.

Product Specifications

Best honeycomb cellular shades for windows are available for sale in a variety of sizes, colors, natural or artificial materials, fabric choices, designs, and functional potentials.

When it comes to size, you may get best honeycomb cellular shades for windows as small as 19 x 24 inches in width and height or length. Similarly, you can get a perfect size for an extra-large window, measuring 72 inches along the width and 84 inches along the height or length.

Child & Pet Safety Information

The cordless and motorized kid safe options make your best honeycomb cellular shades for windows safe to use at places where there are children and pets. On the other hand, window shades with cords may not be safe for homes with children and pets.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Unlike many other kinds of shades, best honeycomb cellular shades for windows are one long piece of fabric or synthetic material with a single headrail. A single headrail is easy to install, clean, and maintain. When fully extended, best honeycomb cellular shades for windows stretch along the length of your window. Not only do best honeycomb cellular shades for windows accumulate less dust, dirt, and grime than other types of window shades, but they are also much easier to clean.

To remove debris, all you really need is a good feather duster or soft microfiber cloth. If you have any serious stains on your best honeycomb cellular shades for windows, you may consider using a damp rag and a mild cleaner.

In short, your best honeycomb cellular shades for windows will be easy to maintain and will last for many years.

Information About Free Offers and Guarantees

  • Free Consultancy for Measuring, Installing, and Choosing Best Honeycomb Cellular Shades for Windows

Customer support and services team at is available 24/7 to help you out in every possible way. You can use the online chat option to get guidance about measurement, installation, and choosing the right product for your best honeycomb cellular shades for windows, etc.

  • Free Samples

At, you can order a free sample of best honeycomb cellular shades for windows that you want to buy later on. With this option, you can have a real-life experience with your favorite window covering before you actually buy it.

You can read more about free sample offers here.

  • A Free Lifetime Warranty

A free lifetime guarantee gives you peace of mind and the best value for your money. You can read more about what is covered and what is not covered under the free lifetime warranty here before you order a product.

  • Free Shipping

With a free shipping option, you can save a big amount on your best honeycomb cellular shades for windows. You can read more about a free shipping offer here.

  • Worry-Free Fit Guarantee for Best Honeycomb Cellular Shades for Windows

With a worry-free fit guarantee, you can secure your investment in best honeycomb cellular shades for windows and avoid any additional costs.

You can read more about Worry Free Fit Guarantee here.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Affordable Blinds online shop, we take pride in ensuring 100% satisfaction guarantee on each product you order. You can read more about 100% satisfaction guarantee here.

Origin of Honeycomb Cellular Shade Products

Shipped from San Diego, CA.

FAQs about Best Honeycomb Cellular Shades 

What Is the Difference Between Honeycomb and Cellular shades?

You’ve likely been shopping for window treatments recently and came across a few different instances of nomenclature: cellular shades and honeycomb shades. 

Most people who are new to the world of window treatments think that these are two different types of window treatments.

The truth is, they are the same thing. If you’re still confused about why they have different names, continue reading to find out more information on these different yet same window treatments.

Why Are they Categorized Differently?

So, if honeycomb shades and cellular shades are the same things, why do we categorize them differently?

Some window treatment manufacturers or dealers that you’ll come across will use the term “cellular shades,” which likely gives you memories of studying for your final in high-school biology. 

On the other hand, there are manufacturers and dealers that use the term “honeycomb blinds shades,” which evokes feelings of deliciousness.

While it might seem a bit weird that these two completely different ideas could collide in the same product, it all makes sense when you look deeper enough.

What’s Special about the Design of Honeycomb Cellular Shades?

The name stems from the design of these unique window treatments. Small pieces of individual fabric and material are attached together using a special type of adhesive, which creates the entirety of the shade. 

The name “cellular shade” came from the fact that these shades are made up of smaller cells.

However, if you glance at the shades from the side, they give off the look of a honeycomb.

If you’re asking a window manufacturer or dealer about the best honeycomb cellular shades for windows (2023), using either term is more than appropriate.

Does the Honeycomb Cellular Shades Style Matter?

One thing that you will surely need to decide on when finding the best window treatments for your needs is the style. There are a wide variety of colors (including white) and styles to choose from when it comes to shopping honeycomb cellular shades.

You’ll be able to find the perfect style of the best honeycomb cellular shades (2023) that complements your home decor without any struggle. For the most part, cellular shades are great for modern decor styles, thanks to their sleek and slim designs. 

They are also great for traditional homes as well, especially if you decide to go with a color or style that is minimal, as it won’t pop out as much and interrupt the decor that already exists.

One other style choice that you need to consider is whether you want light-filtering or best honeycomb cellular shades. 

Light-filtering honeycomb cellular shades (2023) for windows are great for living areas, as they allow in a bit of warm, natural light, even when they are closed. 

It is important to note that, even with the natural light that they allow in, they also help retain an ample amount of privacy. People will not be able to see in from the outside.

However, if you are looking for complete light control and total darkness, we recommend going with best honeycomb cellular shades. Best honeycomb cellular shades will completely darken any room, which is why people often use them in bedrooms, nurseries, or media rooms.

You can also choose to buy light-filtering cellular shades and add a blackout liner to the back of them if you want to get the best of both worlds.

Are Honeycomb Cellular Shades Out of Style?

A lot of people tend to ask us here at Affordable Blinds if honeycomb cellular shades are out of style. Our answer is, “Absolutely not!” 

Honeycomb shades with their pros and cons are still a very popular option for those who want to take advantage of both sleek styles, as well as a wide variety of unique benefits, including insulation, light control, and style.

You can explore all the positive features found on the best honeycomb cellular shades for windows 2023 so that you can decide whether they are the right choice for your home.

How Much Do Best Honeycomb Cellular Shades Cost?

On average, you can get honeycomb shades for your full house for around $1,300. When it comes to the full range of honeycomb shades prices, you can expect to pay anywhere from $340 to $1,100 for a high-quality set of honeycomb shades.

Depending on the size, the material quality, and the lift option, you can end up paying anywhere from $25 to $250 for each shade.

However, you get huge discounts of up to 70% at Affordable Blinds. Also, you can avail free samples, free shipping, and a free lifetime guarantee.

What are Honeycomb Cellular Shades Installation Costs?

When purchasing honeycomb shades, you can choose to install them on your own or have a professional install them for you. The beauty of honeycomb shades is that they are very easy to install. 

You can do it yourself with the provided instructions.

Labor often costs anywhere from $35 to $100 per hour when hiring a professional. For the entire home, a professional installer will likely take anywhere from three to four hours, meaning you’ll end up paying anywhere from $140 to $400 for the complete installation.

While honeycomb shades look very similar to traditional window shades, they are much different. Compared to regular window shades, these are much better when it comes to insulating homes and blocking out light.

For more information regarding honeycomb shades, make sure to get in contact with our experienced customer service team so that they can help you find what you are looking for.

Summing Up 

Honeycomb cordless shades look great on any kind of window. Apart from that, the best honeycomb cellular shades for windows 2023 offer a lot of benefits from saving energy to insulation.

This is a must-have investment for your home. In the first place, why do you have to purchase shades that offer less insulation and get damaged easily? Be a smart shopper. Whatever style of shade you eventually choose, keep in mind maintenance. 

Your shade will only look good if well maintained and cared for. Make sure they are fitted exactly to the window for the most visually pleasing appearance and to ensure the best shading.

Honeycomb shades are some of the most versatile window treatments on the market. There are no better window treatments out there for people who want total light and privacy control, as well as noise insulation and energy efficiency. You can use the unique materials present on double cellular shades to elevate your home.

If you want to learn more about honeycomb shades before making your final purchase, make sure to drop us a line here at Affordable Blinds, as we can help guide you through the window treatment buying process. We look forward to helping you elevate the decor and functionality within your home.




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