• Color
    •     White
    •     Bayhead White Wash
    •     Bayhead Grey Tint
    •     Paper Shade Linen
    •     Paper Shade Tan
    •     Winthrop Came
    •     Eastfield Teak
    •     Paper Shade Brown
    •     Eastfield Ash
    •     Winthrop Tortoise
    •     Bayhead Natual
    •     Hatteras Cocoa
    •     Ashbury Camel
    •     Hatteras Camel
    •     Eastfield Umber
  • Outdoor / Water Safe
    • Outdoor Use
  • Lift Styles
    • Motorized
    • Cordless
    • Top Down Bottom Up
    • Corded
  • Light Control
    • Light Filtering
    • Room Darkening
    • Blackout

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How These Blinds Will Help You

Exuding Real Wood Beauty

These artificial wood blinds and shades are a cost-effective solution to get the look, feel, and functional benefits of real wood blinds in humid climates.

Creatively-Engineered Slat Design

The 2-inch slats of these discount faux wood window coverings have been creatively engineered for some extra curb appeal and functionality.

Moisture and Heat-Resistant

These cheap window coverings are made from synthetic materials that are resistant to moisture and heat. In addition to saving your furniture, furnishings, and floors from the harsh sun, they can withstand solar heat and protect themselves against fading, discoloration, and cracking. So, these pocket-friendly blinds are an ideal choice for high humidity areas like lavatories, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Also, you can install them in your farmhouse. They won’t swell due to contact with water.

Light Control & Privacy

Like other superior quality window coverings, these budget saving imitation wood blinds can block sun to provide you with efficient light control and privacy. Further, by raising, lowering, and adjusting their slats, you can get the required amount of light to enter your room. When fully closed, they will provide sufficient insulation and thermal regulation.

Easy Cleaning & Care

The smooth, shiny surface of slats of these man-made PVC or vinyl blinds doesn’t attract dust or dirt. There won’t be buildup of grime. And if there are dust particles, you can easily remove them with the help of a soft cloth or vacuum cleaner. For the removal of tough stains, you can wash them with water and mild detergent. These easy to clean window coverings are a great choice for home offices, living rooms, and sunrooms in humid climates.

Pet & Child-Safe Cordless Lift

To comply with new Federal Safety Standards for Custom Window Coverings, these wallet-friendly window blinds come with a cordless lift. They are safe for home with young children and pets. You can also go for remote or app-controlled motorized or smart lift upgrades for ultra convenience. 

Supports Inside & Outside

These inexpensive synthetic wood window coverings are suitable for both inside and outside mounting styles. If you want a sleek look, fix them inside your window frame with 2-inch depth. To make your small window look bigger, you can go for an outside mount and add as many inches to width and height as you like.

Custom Options

You can customize these premium Faux Wood Blinds to fit the size of your window and the feel of your interior decor style. They range in sizes from extra small (20 x 24”) to large (64 x 70) and extra large windows. Similarly, these affordable window coverings are available in different stains and wood grain textures to choose from. When it comes to color choice, these low-priced shades are available in different colors like white faux wood blinds. With all these custom options, you can create a matching scheme for your existing interior decor.

Benefits of Buying This Product Here at This Shop

If you buy your new Cellular Shades at this online Affordable Blinds shop, you’ll get several benefits:

  • Up to 70% discounts.
  • Free Samples: Order a free sample before buying the product.
  • Free Shipping: If you live in any of the contiguous United States, we will ship this product at no cost to you.
  • 110% Best Price: Get 110% best price guarantee on your new energy conserving window coverings.
  • 100% Worry-Free Fit: Let’s take up part of the cost to get your problem resolved, if you mismeasure your window frame.
  • A Free Lifetime Guarantee: Get a free lifetime warranty.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We are sincerely committed to provide 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with 5-star pre- and post-purchase customer care.

Measuring Instructions

Here's a step-by-step measurement guide to get started.

Installation Instructions

Follow our DIY step-by-step installation guide for a professional-like fit and feel.

Want to try these economical 2-inch faux wood blinds in your home? Order a free sample now. If you are unsure which type of window treatment you need for your unique settings, you can check out our buying guide to make the right choice. Also, you can read their pros and cons.


How much do Faux Wood Blinds cost?

The price of affordable faux wood window coverings is not fixed. It varies based on manufacturer, size, design, lift control style, and other factors. Here at, a high quality small blind with 20 x 24” dimensions usually costs less than $40 at a discounted rate. On the other hand, a blind measuring 72 x 74” is priced over $100.

Why are Faux Wood Blinds Cheaper?

Faux Wood Blinds are typically more budget saving window coverings because they are made from low-cost synthetic materials.




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