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Cheap Faux Wood Blinds for Windows

The apex-quality cheap faux wood blinds for windows come with a multitude of benefits. With these artificial wood window treatments, you can not only give a touch of nature to your room’s interior but also get privacy, light control, insulation, noise reduction, and more! Among faux wood blinds, the custom 2 inch faux wood blinds for windows are very popular among home and business owners.

If you go for custom 2 inch cheap CORDLESS faux wood blinds, you’ll harvest the additional feature of safety for your children and pets. 
And attaching a valance to your custom blinds will significantly contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your precious window treatment.

10 Reasons Why Cheap Fox Wood Blinds for Windows Are All-rounder Window Treatments

While low-priced faux wood blinds for window treatments are already an attractive deal to go for, adding valance and cordless functionality further enhances their status as an all-rounder window treatment.

  • Get Personalized Privacy/Light Control with 2 Inch Faux Wood Blinds

Your exclusive 2 inch cordless faux wood blinds for windows are equipped with the potential to provide you with excellent control of natural light and privacy.

Using their 2 inch slats, you can easily adjust the amount of natural light sailing into your room. Similarly, you get full privacy customization at such a low price.

  • Adequate Insulation Potential – Coolness in Summer, Warmth in Winter

Despite being low-priced, the 2 inch faux wood blinds for windows ensure adequate insulation in your room when you harvest their full potential.

With insulation properties, the faux wood window blinds can easily conserve the energy in your room. So, they will keep your room cool in summer and warm in winter.

  • A Budget-friendly, Discounted Price Package

Here at Affordable Blinds, you get an exclusive discounted price offer on cordless 2 inch faux wood blinds for windows.

It won’t be an exaggeration to claim that at Affordable Blinds you get one of the best affordable deals.

When you compare the prices of the 2 inch and other cheap faux wood blinds for windows with those of competitors, you’ll surely get surprized. 

If you shop at Affordable Blinds, you will come to know that the price of the apex-quality cordless faux wood blinds goes a little over 100 dollars. 

But when you get discounts of up to 70% on this price, they become almost as cheap as peanuts. 

  • Creatively Engineered Slats for Functionality and Curb Appeal

The creatively engineered 2 inch slats of the cheap cordless faux wood blinds have been creatively engineered for maximized functionality and curb appeal.

Moreover, the slats can be easily tilted to adjust the amount of light sailing into the room. 

  • Cordless Option for Children’s and Pet’s Safety

The cordless option further adds to the convenience of working with the beautiful 2 inch slats of the faux wood blinds. 

However, the major benefit of the cordless option is to provide safety for your children and pets.

  • Valance Option Available

While shopping for your favorite cheap cordless faux wood blinds for windows, you can add the option of a valance. A valance can do multiple jobs for you.

While the primary function of a valance is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the window treatment, it can also add to the functional potential of the blind, such as insulation.

  • Full Range of Custom Options

The low-priced faux wood blinds for windows available at Affordable Blinds online store come with a full range of custom options.

Here the custom option means that you can personalize them in any way to fit your taste and other requirements, like style of your room, color of the faux wood blind, material of the blind, and size of the window, etc.

In short, by utilizing custom options, you can get window blinds for every single type of window in your bedroom, lounge, kitchen, and living room, etc. 

So, just shop for your favorite window blind at Affordable Blinds or get place an order for a free sample.

  • A Perfect Cheap Faux Wood Blind for All Window Sizes

When it comes to the size of window, the custom option becomes very important. Here you can get all types of faux wood blinds ranging in size from smallest to the biggest.

You can get perfectly sized blinds for a bathroom window measuring 20 inches x 24 inches in width and length, respectively. 

On the other hand, there are cheap faux wood blinds for medium size windows measuring 40 inches x 50 inches. 

Similarly, if you have an extra-large square window in your lounge which measures 72 x 72 inches, you will get an all-rounder cheap cordless faux wood blind from the Affordable Blinds online store.

  • Cheap Faux Wood Blinds Powered by Quick DIY Installation

Installing your low-priced cordless faux wood blinds is quite quick and convenient. 

Installation guidelines are available on the Affordable Blinds website.

Following these guidelines, you can quickly install your cheap cordless faux wood blinds for windows like a pro.

When all this is available against such an attractive price package, the homeowners can’t usually resist ordering their custom window blinds or shades.

  • Seamless Fitting into Window Frame

If you are careful while measuring the size of your window, your custom faux wood window blind will seamlessly fit into the window frame.

If you want help regarding the measurement of your window, you can get in touch with customer support through the chat option.

The diverse features of the 2 inch cheap cordless faux wood blinds simply serve to make your favorite blinds an all-rounder window treatment.

FAQs about 2 Inch Cheap Cordless Faux Wood Blinds for Windows

Why Choose Faux Wood Blinds?

Choosing faux wood blinds for windows makes sense for several reasons. First, they are low-priced all-rounder blinds with a full range of features that you get from individual window treatments. 

For example, they provide insulation, curb appeal, easy installation, cordless functionality, custom size, light and privacy control, and much more.

The 2 inch cheap cordless faux wood blinds are available in all sizes, ranging in width from 20 inches to 72 inches, and in height from 24 inches to 74 inches.

You can choose a custom size of low-priced window blinds according to the width and length of your window.

How to Measure and Install Faux Wood Blinds

Measuring the window size for 2 inch cheap cordless faux wood blinds is quite easy. You can take the measurements at different points along the length and width and order a custom 2 inch cheap cordless faux wood blind as per your measurement.

Also, 2 inch cheap cordless faux wood blinds for windows can be quickly installed using hidden brackets and screws.

Measuring Guide

Installation Guide

How Much Faux Wood Blinds Cost?

The price of the apex-quality 2 inch cheap cordless faux wood blinds isn’t that much high. The best quality blinds are usually priced a little over hundred dollars. 

But when you avail up to 70% discount on price, the price of the 2 inch cheap cordless faux wood blinds for windows gets incredibly low.




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