• Color
    •     Rio White
    •     Rio Cream
    •     Wilmington White
    •     Madison Linen
    •     Lucky White
    •     Chevron Snow
    •     Wilmington Natural
    •     Joy White
    •     Dimples White
    •     Ritz Silver
    •     Madison Cashmere
    •     Wilmington Witeout
    •     Quill Platinum
    •     Madison Cotton
    •     Vine Spa Blue
    •     Twilight Glacier
    •     Joy Cloud
    •     Fynn White
    •     Ashton Stripe Ivory
    •     Joy Eggshell
    •     Quill Natural
    •     Beaucour Beach
    •     Wilmington Buff
    •     Rio Camel
    •     Everest Vapor
    •     Dimples Glacier
    •     Ashton Stripe Beige
    •     Monaco Natural Gold
    •     Vine Cove
    •     Twilight Oatmeal
    •     Lyon Soft Pink
    •     Carlo Spa Blue
    •     Voisey Ocean
    •     Voisey Driftwood
    •     Twilight Ice Blue
    •     Wilmington Moonlight
    •     Rio Rye
    •     Rio Putty
    •     Lyon White
    •     Lucky Silver
    •     Fynn Cool Grey
    •     Everest Oat
    •     Ashton Linen
    •     Ritz Quartz
    •     Origami Platinum
    •     Lyon Lt. Blue
    •     Lyon Ivory
    •     Dimples Platinum
    •     Carlo Cove
    •     Wilmington Bluestone
    •     Fynn Onyx
    •     Wilmington Jute
    •     Vine Black
    •     Sri Lanka Blush
    •     Fynn French Grey
    •     Fleuretta Slate
    •     Chevron Zen
    •     Ashton Grey smoke
    •     Voisey Greystone
    •     Everest Moon
    •     Rio Atlantic
    •     Lyon Taupe
    •     Vine Vintage Indigo
    •     Twilight Seal
    •     Rio Stone
    •     Lyon Silver
    •     Everest Silver
    •     Fynn Natural
    •     Ritz Charcoal
    •     Vibrato Blue
    •     Fynn Saffron
    •     Vibrato Grey
    •     Joy Silver
    •     Everest Taupe
    •     Beaucour Cloud
    •     Vibrato Taupe
    •     Fynn Coral
    •     Ashton Nugget
    •     Sri Lanka Harvest
    •     Beaucour Bamboo
    •     Chevron Space
    •     Fynn Storm
    •     Draw The Line Slate
    •     Ashton Camel
    •     Rio Tobacco
    •     Twilight Espresso
    •     Carlo Vintage Indigo
    •     Wilmington Caliente
    •     Twilight Bordeaux
    •     Camellia Fire
    •     Fynn Blue
    •     Wilmington Nautical
    •     Wilmington Ebony
    •     Ashton Wine
    •     Ashton Navy
    •     Ashton Chocolate
    •     Lucky Navy
    •     Carlo Black
    •     Lucky Black
  • Outdoor / Water Safe
    • Outdoor Use
  • Lift Styles
    • Motorized
    • Cordless
    • Top Down Bottom Up
    • Corded
  • Light Control
    • Light Filtering
    • Room Darkening
    • Blackout

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100% customized! Great affordable prices!

Create your custom blind by choosing color, size, style, material, and other options such as child-safe cordless lift, motorization, and various fold styles like hobbled, relaxed, flat fold, and seamless.

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Or buy a low priced Roman shade in soft fold style for light and heat control and privacy for just $241.48 for a 48” x 60” (w x h) window! (With 62% off, the standard retail price of $631.33 drops to $241.48!)

Get privacy and various light control options, from sheer to light filtering to room darkening or total blackout.

These shades are a durable and easy-to-install option for your modern homes.

Popular color choices for Roman shades include white, black, gray, red, and blue.

What are Floral Roman Shades?

Floral Roman shades are high-end traditional window treatments that are characterized by a floral pattern for a heightened decorative touch. These flowery window coverings are made from a continuous piece of fabric that is horizontally pleated and can be neatly folded up as you raise them.

Benefits of Our Floral Roman Shades Selection

Add Depth & Richness to Any Space: Add depth and richness to any room with lavish fabrics and designs. Plus the unique designs of hand-sewn models will cater to different aesthetic preferences.

Softness of Fabric & Functionality of Custom Blind: Reminiscent of traditional drapery, these window covers combine the softness of fabric drapes with the functionality of custom shades. They are designed to fit windows and doors of any size and shape.

Multifunction Fabrics: When it comes to functional diversity, Roman shades surpass other window treatments like blinds, draperies, shutters, and curtains. The premium fabrics provide privacy, light control, light filtration, blackout, insulation, and energy efficiency.

Child Safety: Cordless lift and motorization make these window covers 100% pet- and kid-safe.

Add a Personalized Whimsical Element to Your Home: Floriated Roman shades and blinds are available in lots of styles to add a personalized natural or whimsical element to the rooms of your home, office, or other space.

Popular Models of Floral Roman Shades for Windows

Blackout Floral Roman Shades for Bedrooms & Media Rooms

Floral Roman shades with blackout or room-darkening feature can create a night-like environment in your bedroom or home theater. Blackout flower-patterned Roman shades blackout give you excellent control on light and privacy.

Cordless Floral Roman Shades Kids Room

Cordless floral Roman shades for nurseries are available with different cord-free lift options, including top-down, bottom-up, motorized, and smart. Cordless lift is an advanced safety feature for homes with young children and pets.

Floral Cotton Roman Shades for Curb Appeal & Temperature Regulation

As the very name suggests, floral cotton Roman shades are made from soft, foldable cotton fabric. Cotton is a breathable and affordable material that is good for curb appeal and temperature regulation.

Floral Linen Roman Shades for Durability

Flowery linen Roman shades can add a touch of warmth, vibrancy, and long life to your window covering. Also, these durable window blinds can withstand fading and daily wear and tear.

Floral Bamboo Roman Shades for Contemporary Interior Decor Styles

Flower-patterned bamboo or woven wood roman shades are made from bamboo slats that are woven together to create a fabric-like texture. You can use bamboo or woven wood window treatments in traditional, contemporary, and tropical interior décor styles.

Various Fold Styles for Floral Roman Shades

Floral Roman shades are available in lots of fold types, including:

  • Soft fold for a soft and relaxed appearance
  • Flat fold for a sleek, modern look
  • Front slat fold for a blend of classic look of a floral roman shade with the functionality of a blind.
  • Plain classic fold for a simple, clean look
  • European relaxed fold for a crisp yet relaxed and casual look
  • Top-down, Bottom-up floral Roman shades for easy operation and ventilation.

Optional Upgrades (for an Extra Cost)

Material Choices

These finer quality materials are better suited to Roman blinds:

  • Linen
  • Cotton (100%)
  • Bamboo
  • Silk
  • Faux silk
  • Polyester

Select a suitable material for your window coverings depending on your taste and need for durability, functional potential, and affordability. 

Customization Options

  • Sizes: Choose a size ranging from 12” x 16” to 115” x 120” (w x h) to perfectly fit your window frame.
  • Fabric Opacities: Choose sheer, room darkening, blackout, or light filtering fabrics.
  • Motorization: Choose a manual cordless or automatic/motorized lift.
  • Inside/Outside Mount: Go with an inside mount to make your sea-themed room’s interior look cleaner and more spacious. Or choose an outside mount to make your small window look bigger.

The Price Factor

Floral-patterned Roman shades for windows are cost-effective window treatments. However, their prices may vary depending on the material’s type, style, quality, and lift option. For example, high quality floral Roman cellular shades with a smart lift mechanism are more expensive than their plain classic fold, corded counterparts.

However, you can buy a custom floral Roman shade at Affordable Blinds online store to get huge price discounts along with free offers, like free samples, free shipping, a worry-free fit guarantee, a free lifetime warranty, etc.

Things to Consider When Buying Floral Roman Shades

  • Extra Coverage: Consider adding 2 to 4 inches to each width and height of fabric for overlap or extra coverage.
  • Blackout Liner: Add a blackout liner to improve light control and privacy of your floral patterned blinds.
  • Fabric Thickness: If you want to improve the energy efficiency of your room, we highly recommend a shade with thicker fabric. For more light, select thin, sheer fabric. 
  • Patterns: Choose from hundreds of beautiful floral patterns.
  • Wide or Narrow Windows: Whether it’s a wide window in your living room or a narrow window in your kitchen or bathroom, custom options will fit each of them.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s easy and cost-effective to clean and maintain your floral window treatments. You can do so by dusting, wiping, vacuuming, spot cleaning, and washing.

Here are DIY tips to clean floral Roman shades.

Lift Away Surface Level Dirt: Gently sweep across the soft fabric with the brush attachment of your vacuum to remove surface level dust and dirt. Do not vacuum the blind without the brush attachment, as it may damage the fabric.

Remove Stains: To remove stains from the fabric, blot it with warm water and mild dish soap. If it’s motorized, make sure the motor and other electronic components do not get wet.


Get free samples to see how different flower patterns and color combinations look in your unique room decor settings before finally selecting and buying a custom-made product.

Why Buy Floral Roman Shades with Affordable Blinds?

Buy this product here at and get:

  • Up to 70% discounts

Measuring Instructions

Here is our DIY step-by-step guide on how to measure floral Roman shades to get started.

  • Measure Width: Measure the width of the windows at top, middle, and bottom. Record the narrowest value.
  • Measure Height: Measure the height of the top of the window or other space from the top to bottom in the left, middle, and right. Record the shortest measurement. For example, if the measurements are 61”, 61 ¾”, and 61 ¾”, order blinds measuring 60 inches in length.
  • Deduction: Do not make any deductions. We’ll do it for you.

Installation Instructions

All hardware components included. For a professional, inch-by-inch, edge-to-edge fit, follow our DIY step-by-step guide on how to install floral Roman shades.

  • Step 1: Drill holes (using a ⅜-inch drill bit)
  • Step 2: Set up the brackets with screws and a screwdriver.
  • Step 3: Hang your window covers.

Installation Time

Quick: 10 to 12 minutes

Shipping Information

Shipped from San Diego, CA.


What is the downside to Roman shades?

Made of fabric, Roman shades can get stained more easily. They can retain odors, so they are not a good choice for kitchens. Plus, heavier fabrics like velvets are difficult to clean.

What is the difference between Roman blinds and Roman shades?

Roman shades have a wide, easily visible hem, while Roman blinds have a narrow, almost invisible one.

Should a Roman shade be longer than the window?

Yes. We recommend adding at least 3” to 4” inches along the length and on each side to avoid light seepage and privacy leakage.

Are Roman shades old fashioned?

No. Roman shades are still one of the most popular styles of blinds that you see across interior design trends. Roman patterned fabrics work perfectly in traditional and contemporary homes.

Need More Help?

Use 24/7 live chat or give us a call at (800) 863-6109 to contact our Roman shade color and design experts for custom solutions.




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