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Motorized Shades for Windows

Experience Ultimate Convenience with Motorized Shades for Windows! Enjoy the Benefits of Customization, Easy Installation, Child and Pet Safety, UV Protection, Energy Efficiency, and Enhanced Curb Appeal. Shop Now

While motorized shades are available as a separate product to buy online, you can also add motorization functionality to your existing window treatments.

Here it is also worth noticing that all the motorized shades for windows available at the Affordable Blinds online shop support upgrades like a remote control, rechargeable battery, and integration into your existing smart home automation system.

Motorized shades for windows can be fully customized for size, color, style, functional potentials, materials, fabric choices, orientation of slats, lift options, outside and inside mounts, and affordability factor. Also, with motorized shades for windows, you can completely get rid of a cord or wand.

Different styles and functional variants of motorized shades for windows include light filtering shades, sheer light filtering shades with zebra elegance, sheer horizontal room darkening shades, sheer horizontal light filtering shades, plain classic pleated Roman shades, and so on.

Among other things, this buyer guide will help you with the choice of a right product for your window treatment.

Motorized Light Filtering Roller Shades for Windows

If you want your window treatment to save you from harsh rays of the sun without completely blocking out natural light, motorized light filtering shades for windows are a great choice. Apart from giving you ultra-convenience of operation, these motorized shades for windows will create a soft, evenly distributed glow of light in your room’s interior.

They are offered with lots of sizes, color options, and materials. And, at Affordable Blinds online shop, you can get light filtering shades for windows made from 100% polyester fabric. They will give you more control on light and privacy.

Motorized Sheer Light Filtering Zebra Shades

If you want to add multipurpose functionality to your window treatment without compromising for aesthetics or curb appeal, motorized sheer light filtering zebra shades are there to serve your cause. Their horizontally oriented fabric vanes create a beautiful blend with sheer fabric. So, you can boost up the overall feel of your room’s interior with these sheer light filtering motorized shades for windows.

Also, these window coverings come with a rechargeable battery, so you can continue operating them during the hours of electric suspension. The option of solar power can fully economize the operation of your window treatment. Similarly, they can be integrated into your existing smart home automation system.

Motorized Sheer Room Darkening Shades

Fit for bedrooms and baby care rooms, motorized sheer room darkening shades come with the potential to completely block out light to create a night-like environment inside your room. 

Motorized shades for windows with a room-darkening or nightfall effect are usually made up of cellular or honeycomb structure. They provide perfect insulation against the transfer of light, heat, and other forms of energy.

With the help of motorization, you can easily raise, lower, and adjust the fabric vanes for the required amount of light, privacy, and room darkening effect.

Motorized Sheer Horizontal Room Darkening Shades 

Motorized sheer horizontal room darkening shades are just like motorized sheer room darkening shades except for the orientation of the fabric vanes. You can install them in your living room or other space for added beauty.

Also, they are fit for a room for day sleepers.

Motorized Sheer Horizontal Light Filtering Shades

If you are looking for a seamless blend of elegance with functionality for your living room, study room, kitchen, or other space, motorized sheer horizontal light filtering shades will be a suitable choice.

Motorized Plain Classic Pleated Roman Shades 

You will need motorized plain classic pleated Roman shades to add modernity to your window treatments with a classic touch. Rich textures, lots of color choices, and a wide range of sizes make them a perfect fit for a window of any size and style.

Overall, motorized shades for windows are a great choice for all sorts, sizes, styles, and feels of windows and interiors. They come with various designs, materials, color choices, lift options, and functional potentials. Meanwhile, they are also easy to install with a few simple DIY installation tips, and they are convenient to clean and maintain.




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