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    Relaxed Roman Shades

    Offered with 100's of color options, FREE Samples, FREE Shipping with several luxurious fabric option prices to stay in budget for your relaxed roman blinds. When it comes to shopping for relaxed roman shades not only is beauty a priority but the quality of fabrics and flow is all the more important for the classical European fold of the shade to shine in your home we provide you proven styles and fabrics to do just that in your home. Get your free samples and see for yourself today!


    Relaxed Roman Shades are decorative window treatments that bring power and presence to any room they are in. Compared to traditional Roman shades, which have a straight-edge bottom, relaxed Roman shades have a curved bottom, helping to create a look that is much softer. Relaxed Roman shades emphasize the shape of windows when they are partially open, which is why so many people love them.

    The beauty of Relaxed Roman shades is that they can fit in just about any type of home environment, whether you have an organic-style home, traditional-style home, or modern-style home. Relaxed Roman shades utilize loose folds, which you will need to finesse every time you open and close them. For that reason alone, we only recommend relaxed Roman shades for windows that don’t need to be opened or closed often. They are best left alone when installed as more of a decorative piece.

    All of our relaxed Roman shades are handmade and customized to fit your specifications. They come standard with continuous cord loop control and a standard inside mount. If you decide that privacy and light control are a priority for you, we also recommend ordering a blackout lining.

    You may also choose to install your relaxed Roman Shades with an outside mount, as well as choose from our large inventory of designer fabrics from some of the top window shade brands on the market. You will be sure to find the best pattern possible for all of your relaxed Roman shade needs.

    Soft Roman Shades

    The Soft Roman Shade is the perfect choice for any room in your home.

    This model provides elegance and sophistication with its Roman tones and can be used in any window to which you want to add beauty. It's also known for its functionality—it offers 91 different patterns and colors to choose from, making it a versatile option for any space.

    We recommend going with the cordless version if children or pets are in your home, as it's safer than having cords hanging around.

    Our Soft Roman Shade – Essential is the best way to protect furniture from damaging rays of sunshine while still providing privacy and style.

    Soft Fold Roman Shades

    And if you're still unsure about which shade will work best for you, we offer free samples so you can see exactly what each fabric looks like before making a purchase!

    The price will vary depending on the style and fabric you choose, but it generally goes up as your selected fabric goes from essential to elite.


    Relaxed Roman shades are a great choice for many reasons. Here are some of the reasons we recommend our customers buy relaxed Roman shades:

    ● Style: There are plenty of designer relaxed Roman shades to choose from, meaning you won’t have any shortage of unique patterns or fabrics to complement your home perfectly.
    ● Functionality: Relaxed Roman shades help bring the beauty of drapery into any home without sacrificing functionality. Compared to drapes, relaxed Roman shades are very easy to hang up and even easier to operate.
    ● Control: With relaxed Roman shades, you get a wide range of light control. If you’re looking for a warmer glow, you can choose light-filtering shades. On the other hand, if you need total privacy and light control, we recommend going with blackout liners.

    Features Available with Relaxed Roman Shades

    You can upgrade your custom window shades in a wide variety of ways beyond style and color. Here are some of the top options that we offer our customers when they purchase relaxed Roman shades:

    ● Cordless Lift: The cordless lift is one of the most popular lift options when it comes to lift controls. It is a hidden control system, which works to eliminate the lift cord that is typically found on a set of Roman shades. You will have the ability to raise and lower your shades with the simple touch of your finger, making the operation far easier.
    ● Continuous Cord Loop Controls: The cords on continuous cord loop controls are secured to the window frame or wall. With this option, you won’t have a ton of cords on display, giving your windows a cleaner and more organized look. Continuous cord loop controls are an excellent choice for shades that are larger or heavier.
    ● Hobbled Fold: Most Roman shades come with a traditional flat fold. However, you can choose to upgrade to a Hobbled fold for a unique appearance. When you have a hobbled fold, the relaxed Roman shade will retain its loops or soft folds whenever the shade is completely extended, giving you a look and style that is far more traditional.
    ● Motorized: If you want to modernize the operational aspect of your relaxed Roman shades, we highly recommend going with a motorized lift. With a motorized lift system, it only takes the push of a button to raise or lower your shades.

    Elegant and Refined

    When you install relaxed Roman shades with an inside mount, you get a look that is both elegant and refined. They look excellent when complemented with decorative molding or ornate woodwork. Thanks to the fact that relaxed Roman shades come with a unique curve at the bottom, they work to provide an interesting visual texture when set against the straight lines of the window and trim.

    You get the elegant and luxurious texture of traditional drapery without having to concern yourself with having enough space. For those seeking out an understated form of elegance, we highly recommend going with colors like off-white, blue, taupe, or gray, as these colors tend to look great in most spaces, helping to give any environment a clean and kept look.

    Soft and Warm

    When you pair relaxed Roman shades with modern furniture, you can echo their curved designs. Think of the curved back of a mid-century modern chair or sofa. Beyond that, you can use relaxed Roman shades to protect your furniture from harmful UV light, creating a warmer and softer atmosphere from within your home.

    You can raise your relaxed Roman shades halfway up to provide yourself with a bit more light control. We highly recommend going with softer fabrics, such as raw silk or hemp, as these fabrics create a more comforting environment. The last thing you want with a set of relaxed Roman shades is for them to create a stuffy environment, which is why we often tell our customers to seek out lighter fabrics.

    Lightweight and Bright

    If you are looking for a relaxed Roman shade that allows light to filter through into your home, we recommend going with light-filtering relaxed Roman shades. When looking for a light-filtering window shade, we recommend going with lighter colors. White shades paired with white trim are a great look that is both simple and timeless.

    We always recommend that our customers look for light-filtering relaxed Roman shades if they have a small space or small window. With light-filtering properties, you can maximize the amount of natural light available in a room.

    A Word on Semi-Relaxed Roman Shades

    While many Roman shade fans know relaxed Roman shades very well, not all Roman shade fans know that there are semi-relaxed Roman shades out there as well. Relaxed Roman shades are a bit too traditional for many people, especially for those who have fresh and modern decor in their homes. The additional fullness that comes from relaxed Roman shades can be a bit too much for some people, which is why so many opt for semi-relaxed shades.

    The beauty of semi-relaxed Roman shades is that they aren’t nearly as bulky or puffy as traditional relaxed Roman shades. There are plenty of variations to choose from.

    Of course, you may also like the poofy style of the traditional relaxed Roman shades, so much so that you want to enhance it even more. In that case, we recommend going with London Shades. London shades have full pleats on the center and insets from the sides, which work together to provide unique tails on the edges of the Roman shades.

    It should be noted that dressing London shades can be a very time-consuming process, which is why we don’t often recommend them to people who want to put them on windows that require raising and lowering very often.

    Choosing the Right Materials for Your Relaxed Roman Shades

    There are plenty of fabric options available when it comes to relaxed Roman shades, which can make the shopping process feel a bit overwhelming. We’d like to narrow it to our most popular choices if you are having trouble deciding. To do that, it is important for us to consider a few questions.

    How much light control do you need?

    If you want to have a lot of light with your window covering, you will want something that is lighter and thinner. These relaxed Roman shades are more on the decorative side. However, if you are someone who wants total light control, it is important for you to pick fabrics that are heavier and thicker. You may even consider adding blackout lining to your relaxed Roman shades for an even darker look.

    Do keep in mind that your relaxed Roman shade fold will always be visible, regardless of if you pull the shades all the way up to the top of your window frame or keep it down.

    How Much Will You Use Your Shades?

    There are fabrics out there that are far more delicate than others. When choosing a fabric for your relaxed Roman shades, you need to consider how often you will use your shades, meaning how often you will need to raise and lower them. Like we said before, if you are planning to treat windows that you open and close pretty often with relaxed Roman shades, we would recommend against it.

    Of course, it won’t be a problem if you raise and lower your shades on occasion, but if it is something that you are doing multiple times per day, you can wear your shades out faster.

    If you plan on utilizing your relaxed Roman shades for functionality over decoration, we recommend going with heavier fabrics. A sheer fabric, or an embroidery fabric with tons of detailing, will not retain its integrity as much as a relaxed Roman shade that has a tighter weave.

    Who is going to use your relaxed Roman shades?

    If you are the one who is going to be using your relaxed Roman shades solely, then you can pick a style that fits your needs. However, if you are planning to use relaxed Roman shades to furnish a guest room, for example, you need to plan for wear and tear that will come from use. In that case, neutral color with a durable fabric will likely be your best choice.

    Do you have pets or kids? If so, you’ll need to take them into account as well. Even if you have children that are older, they can still wreak havoc on your home furnishings.

    Choosing The Right Mounting Option

    Beyond picking the right colors and fabrics for your home’s decor, you will also need to pick how you mount them. There are a few different options to choose from when it comes to optimizing the look of your home using relaxed Roman shades and one of the main elements we always tell customers to look out for is the mounting option.

    While the terminology of window mounting might seem out of the ordinary, it is pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

    Inside mounts are very popular. They are mounts that you hang or mount on the inside of the window frame. The beauty of inside mounts is that they do not cover up surrounding trim around the window. Outside mounts, on the other hand, are hung above the top of the window frame on the trim or molding. You can also hang them above the window on the wall.

    When trying to find the right mounting option, you should ask yourself a few questions.

    Do you have heavy trim around your windows?

    Traditional or historic homes often feature very stately crown molding, window trim, and baseboards. If your home has these types of features, we recommend going with inside mount shades, as they won’t cover up these exquisite features that you likely want to show off.

    Do you have low ceilings?

    If you look at older homes, ceilings were often much lower than usual. Low ceilings can give a room the feeling of being cramped or dark. If you are clever with your window shades, however, you can create the illusion of brightness and openness. To do this, we recommend hanging window treatments from the outside, as it will make your ceiling look much larger.

    When it comes to finding inexpensive yet high-quality relaxed Roman shades, we pride ourselves on offering all of the above, which is why so many happy customers recommend us to friends and family looking to purchase new window treatments for their homes or offices. Make sure to get in touch with us here at Affordable Blinds for a free sample.




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