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Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades Features

Top Down Bottom Up Cordless Shades are one of the biggest innovations in the shade industry. There are many reasons for you to love these types of cellular shades. They provide tons of privacy, as well as let in enough sunlight to add warmth to your room. Top Down Shades are also incredibly easy to operate. There are no pull cords or wrapping, allowing them to work with any type of interior.

When viewed from the perspective of a parent of pet owner, these shades are far safer.These shades are an excellent alternative when you compare them to traditional corded blinds. With all of their included benefits,  top down cellular shades are a must-have in today’s household.

Our top pick:

Exquisite Top Down Bottom Up Cordless Cellular Shades

Our top choice among these shades is the Exquisite Cordless Cellular Shades. They have a quality build and a brilliant look and design. Their flawlessly functioning bottom top feature is the core. Once you use them, you will be head over heels in love with these wonderful shades.


Alternatives to top down bottom up honeycomb shades reviews

Nightfall Top Down Bottom Up Blackout Cellular Shades

While most of the shades on our list work great for semi-sheer light filtration, they may not be suitable for those who are looking to have an option for darkening out the room during the daytime too. The best solution for that problem this Nightfall Blackout Cellular Shades.



Like other cordless shades, these give you a great degree of control over the amount of daylight you are willing to get into the room. Moreover, they incorporate most other features of modern shades while darkening out the room. Overall, the shade is a great value for the money.

Advantages: Why should you consider buying Nightfall Blackout Cellular Shades?

The nightfall blackout shades come with multiple advantages over an average window blind or shade. Here is exactly why you can rely on this cellular shade.


  • The blackout feature:Most of the cordless shades today offer semi-sheer daylight filtration. While they’re great, they aren’t able to offer complete darkness. The Nightfall blackout shades feature a blackout design, meaning you will be able to prevent daylight from entering the room.
  • Daylight control:While you will be able to get complete darkness you want, you will also be able to adjust the shade. The adjustment is dependent on the amount of sunlight you are willing to let in.
  • Insulation and energy efficiency: These shades are made of 100% pure polyester and are designed to provide a great degree of insulation. In doing so, it provides better energy efficiency. You’ll notice much greater heat retention during winters and maintained room temperature during summers. Save some cash on those utility bills!
  • Value:For the quality design and the durability, these Nightfall shades are a great value for money and are certainly affordable.

Essential Cordless Cellular Shades
Have you been looking for a cordless shade that looks similar to those beautiful, classic shades? Essential Cordless Cellular Shades are just about the closest you can get. Designed to function with utmost smoothness, they offer you the best benefits of a cordless modern shade. Essential Cordless Cellular Shades are certainly some of the best shades you can own. With their minimal look, durability, and functionality, you can trust your investment will take you a long way.



Advantages: Why should you consider buying Essential Cordless Cellular Shades?

  • Quality and sturdiness:Even after years of use, these shades will function like the day you bought them
  • Energy efficient:Because they let light in, they lessen the need for turning on lights during the day. Moreover, with average insulation, these shades can reduce the need for heating or air conditioning, thus conserving energy.
  • Ease of installation:Installing Essential Cordless Cellular Shades is breeze. You won’t have to bother hiring any external aid for carrying out the installation of the shades.
  • Affordable:These are modern shades at the rate of the conventional shades. Without a speck of doubt, Essential Cordless Cellular Shades are some of the most affordable modern-day shades you can buy!

Elite Double Cellular Light Filtering Shades

The best thing about Elite Double Cellular Light Filtering Shades is their energy efficiency and insulation capabilities. Want to own a great and durable light filtering shade without burning a hole in your pocket? You don’t have to look any further than these amazing shades.



Advantages: Why should you buy Elite double Cellular Light Filtering Shades?

  • Easy blend in: These shades ease in with most interiors. Even better, you can pair them up with some good curtains for a more elegant look.
  • Value for money: Once you use the shades, you’ll understand their value. They are easily some of the most affordable shades on the market.
  • Easy cordless operation: Just like other cordless shades, there aren’t any dangling cords to get in the way. You will love how smooth these shades work!
  • Amazing insulator: These shades are double-celled, providing tons of insulation. Your AC stays in, your sun stays out, and the room’s temperature remains cool. Fantastic, right?
  • Available in designer looks: These designer shades come in an array of colors to blend in with almost any interior.

Nightfall Cordless Cellular Blackout Shades

Another popular set of shades is Nightfall Cordless Cellular Blackout Shades. They offer total darkness for a peaceful night’s sleep. They are very useful for conserving energy, meaning you can save money of your utility bills. Look no further than Nightfall Cordless Cellular Blackout Shades if you want to block out the sun during the day. They also have hidden brackets for that classy and elegant look.



Advantages: Why should you consider buying Nightfall Cordless Cellular Blackout Shades?

  • Hidden Brackets: Unlike most other shades, these don’t have externally visible brackets. Overall, they give you a cleaner and classier appearance.
  • Full control over the daylight filtering: With the Nightfall Cordless Cellular Blackout Shades, you can let in partial sunlight or block it out when you choose. Many modern shades don’t offer complete control on daylight filtering.
  • Slowing room heat up and cool down: These shades work to insulate your room, helping you to cut back on utility bills.
  • Low maintenance: The nightfall shades are incredibly easy to maintain and care for.

Eclipse Day & Night Cordless Blackout Cellular Shades

We would suggest Eclipse Day & Night Cordless Blackout Cellular Shades if you need to black out your room. The refined texture and blend shades make them a perfect fit for any kind of room decor. These shades are worth every penny! Check out this link for our inexpensive cellular shades.



Advantages: why should you consider buying Eclipse Day & Night Cordless Blackout Cellular Shades?

  • Looks:Eclipse Day & Night Cordless Blackout Cellular Shades come in an array of fine textures, providing your room with a classier look.
  • A perfect sun shut out:These shades promise 99% of sun glare blockage. They are also great for insulation!
  • Available in a range of attractive shades and designs:With Eclipse Day & Night Cordless Blackout Cellular Shades, you can find the best fit for your home!
  • Automated control:These shades come with automated, cordless lift and lock mechanism. All you need is a gentle push.
  • Noise blockage:These shades not only block out heat and glare, but also some degree of noise. This is great if you live in a high-traffic region.

Advantages of Exquisite Cordless Cellular Shades

  • Can save you on your utility bills, as they partially let in soft daylight without completely darkening rooms.
  • Give you insulation year round!
  • Elegant design can fit in with any interior
  • Smooth, non-corded functioning design
  • Best shades in terms of safety
  • Relatively affordable
  • Much easier to install, use, clean and maintain
  • You can mount them inside or outside the window frame

Insulation capacities: These shades offer decent insulation to rooms throughout the year. This indicates a fairly moderate room temperature without additional appliances; it is especially helpful in winters in locking heat in. This can certainly help you somewhat lower your utility bills comparatively. Because the shades are made out of pure polyester, the insulation properties work even better.

Smooth and ‘dangle free’ Cordless operation: Pets and kids often like to crawl and mess with the cords of the conventional shades or blinds. The Exquisite Top-down Bottom-up shades offer a total cordless features and are far safer for use in the families that have children or pets. Moreover, without all the hanging cords, the room your room is going to look way better.

Durability: The product is absolutely great in terms of sturdiness. The shades would still be in great shape even after a good length of time.

Made of pure polyester fabric: These Exquisite shades are made of 100% pure polyester fabric. This implies barely any shrinkage troubles, a greater mechanical resistance and ultimate durability when compared to shades made of natural fabrics.

Beautifully fits interior: The Exquisite shade comes in an elegant and subtle design that’s neither too fancy nor too sober. Mostly, the design easily fits into any kind of interior room interior and décor.
Easy installation: The Shade’s installation process is something that would be totally easy for you to handle yourself without any external assistance.

Privacy while you still have a glowy day-light: What the shade does is actually filtering the light into the room. This means, even while you have covered the window completely with the shade during the daytime, some part of the sunlight would filter in through the shade, offering a pleasant lighting in your room. This characteristic is useful for those who get glares on their televisions or computer screens. Moreover, this feature would help you avoid the use of lights during the daytime.

Benefits of modern Cordless bottom up shades: Why they are unbeatable?
There are several reasons that cordless shades make our lives easier. Here are some of the main reasons why you will love these new generation window-covering solutions!

Safety: Old colored blinds can be extremely dangerous for households with pets or kids. Kids often get caught up in dangling cords. This can lead to choking. Going cordless is a great way to prevent any sort of danger!

A modern approach to enhancing privacy: With classic shades, you sacrifice the warmth of daylight for privacy. With bottom up blinds, you can adjust to the perfect amount of privacy and light. This is because many of these shades support semi-light filtration!

Cleaner appearance: Without all of the hanging cords, your window treatments will look much cleaner. You can even take that cleanliness a step further with hidden brackets. No more clutter from unnecessary cords!

Easy maintenance: Cordless shades are far easier to clean when compared to classic blinds. Forget the soaping and spraying! A simple vacuum session is enough to get the job done!

Easier to operate: Cordless shades are much easier to use when compared to classic blinds. Simply lift the locking mechanism, raise them up, and lock it back up. No more hassling with long cords!

Insulation: Not only are modern-day cellular shades great insulators; they are also great sound treatment. In addition to blocking out the heat, they can block out the noise of the outside world.

Are you considering buying some cordless shades? Let us help you out with our best cellular shades bottom up top down options. All of the products listed here incorporate the amazing features of cordless modern shades. Read on to know more about our top picks and their features.

How do TDBU honeycomb shades work?
The cordless up down shades utilize a simple lift and lock mechanism to function. The function may differ slightly depending on the specific shades you buy. They typically come with a cordless lift system. Most of these shades are made from polyester fabric that is pressed into perfect pleat layers. These pleats are designed to last and stay crisp over the years.

Both the top and bottom rails have a push button. You can pull them down from either the top or the bottom and can lift them from either of the sides, making it possible for you to adjust the shades, as you prefer. The pleats of the shades compress nicely as you lift and lock them.

How to install cordless cellular shades
Wondering how to install those cordless shades you just purchased? It’s actually much simpler than you may have thought! Continue reading for our simple 2-step installation process! You can also refer the detailed installation guide that you receive with your package for more detailed instructions.

For installing cordless cellular shades, you need the following tools and accessories.

  • Measuring tape for correct positioning of brackets
  • A driller
  • A pencil for marking places to be drilled
  • A flat head screw driver

Before anything, you need to install your brackets. You’ll receive these brackets with almost any purchase of shades. You must have the brackets to fit the shades, the bracket fasteners, and the shade caps.

When you order your shades, we advise that you check the package to see if it comes with the necessary hardware. It is also advisable to contact the company if you find that anything is missing from your package.

Now back to the installation! First, you must measure to determine the placement of your brackets. Brackets are generally placed a few inches from both ends of the window space in two or three foot gaps. You must measure and make sure that you are installing the brackets at even distances.

Once you have decided the bracket positions, mark the drill points on your wall using a pencil. Make holes with the drill where you have marked. Once you have your holes, fasten your brackets securely to the wall using the screws they came with


After you are done with installing and securing the shade brackets, remove the shades and remaining hardware from the box. If you have shade caps in your package, you need to assemble the shades first. Cover the edge of the shades by installing the end caps on the edges appropriately. After covering the edges, you need to push-fit the shades into the brackets.


One of the most convenient types of window treatments are cordless window shades. Apart from being easy to install and handle, these window treatments are also extremely secure, and safe for kids and pets. They also look incredibly attractive compared to traditional blinds.

Moreover, many of these cordless shades offer some degree of sound blockage, as well as temperature insulation year round. So if you are looking for window covering solutions, the cordless and Top-down Bottom-Up shades are pretty much the best you can consider.

We only recommend the best cordless shades on the market, meaning you can trust their reliability. Always make sure to take your budget, needs, and geographical location into consideration. Rest assured, you’ll be able to find your purchase more than satisfactory.

It’s a bit contradictory to order Roman shades if you want a simple window treatment. With all of the different types of Roman shades available, you need to take into consideration that these are luxury shades. Bottom-up blinds  offer many of the same qualities at a far more affordable rate.

Because windows can be the main attraction of a room, it’s important to find the best treatments to make them presentable. Branding has a strong presence in the window treatment world. When considering  these popular window shades, it is good to go with a reliable brand.

Considering the usability factor with bottom-up cellular shades
“Usability Factor” is a term that can only be understood when given context. When we say usability factor, we mean the ability of the customer to make the most out of their window treatment. Most window blinds are very convenient, simply because they are affordable and easy to clean.

Because the fabric on Roman shades takes up the majority of your window, it plays a fairly prominent role in determining the cost. The cool thing is, there have been some major innovations in terms of fabric over the years. This makes Roman shades more versatile in different applications. This is why the top down style is taking over and pushing out the more conventional approach. It’s simply more convenient.

We are also beginning to see a convenience shift in the world of skylight shades, as their usability in relatively comparative. We image there will be further innovation for those customers who seek a more unique way to dress their windows.


One of the reasons why Roman shades caught on was because of their design simplicity. This made it easy for DIY experts to create their own as well. There are vast arrays of websites that have step-by-step instructions on how to do so. That being said, DIY shade makers will never be able to replace the reliability and quality of a reputable shade company.

The way top down blackout shades were introduced to the market had a huge impact on this. Through the power of marketing in mass media, the concept of room darkening shades began to catch on. Even those who never saw a purpose for darkening their rooms soon began bargain hunting for blackout shades.

In many ways, this branding introduced different patterns of consumerism. Many consumers began searching for bottom up honeycomb blinds that could darken their rooms and keep their houses insulated.

This is a great example of how consumer patterns and increase demand can shift an entire market. From new age promotion tactic to online shopping, brand images were flooding the media and pushing producers to continue innovating

Designers of homes have an essential role in deciding what gets to be used at a premise. Allowing these designers to do their jobs in deciding on something such as shades, may eventually lead to a much more impressive and long-lasting result. This is not such a bad thing to have as it would result in far better efficient use of resources as well as ability.

On multiple occasions, top down cellular blinds have taken on powerful appearances. When people began to take notice, there was no room left for simple Roman screens or basic window dressings. Despite changes in the system though, top down shades shades with outside mounts remain the same as they were a decade ago.

As part of the final reckoning, it is the taste of customer that truly matters. These customers have a huge impact on the innovation of roller shades, blinds, blackout shades, etc. This is because customers tend to find the subtler attributes of window treatments better than the manufacturers.


Are you tired of seeing those worn down shades on your windows? Are you thinking of a home makeover and need a good window solution to fit your budget? In that case, the perfect solution to your dilemma is some new shades from us! Windows can be the center of attention and an untidy look is never desirable.

Think of how happy you would feel with a window treatment that could let in both sunlight and fresh air while filtering out pollution. Unfortunately, most people do not care to consider top down shades treatments as an important part when they are planning to redecorate their houses. However, there are those that understand the importance of window treatments, though often back out when they see the cost. The good thing is, window treatments don’t always have to be so costly, even when they are constructed well.

What are cellular shades top down/bottom up?

You might be thinking, “What are best top down bottom up blinds and why are these used?”

There are a number of things a home requires and we’re confident in saying shades are one of those things. Just like it is difficult to live in a home without a bed or refrigerator, it is difficult to live without shades. You don’t want to be disturbed while studying, watching television, or sleeping.

When using top down blackout shades, you can make sure that you can you have privacy while performing any sort of home activity. Now obviously there are other options for covering your window such as blinds, though you should consider their disadvantages. Blinds are not easy to use. Unlike Roman shades, you aren’t able to roll them from the top or the bottom. You also have the choice of folding or unfolding blinds, neither giving you full light privacy. Lastly, shades are far easier to maintain when compared to blinds.

Moreover, blinds have a duller and simpler look to them while shades can really spice up your home. Because shades come in an array of designs and patterns, you have more options to match your home’s interior. Being able to purchase with design in mind is a lifesaver. Some of these shades come with cords while some are cordless. It all depends on what your needs are and what look you want to go for.

Make sure to give us a call to get some basic information on the features, varieties, and types of shades available, before you make your purchase! You can also get information regarding price. Our online stores can give you a complete description of features for the shades you have in mind. You can also get a better idea of how the shades look thanks to our high quality pictures. To make things even better, we have several discount offers like free shipping and coupons so that you can save some dough!

Examples of TDBU Shades

  • Honeycomb Cellular Shades. These window treatments have blown up in terms of popularity because of their excellent insulation benefits. They come in a wide array of colors as well. Honeycomb cellular shades give you far better insulation protection when compared to single cell shades. To receive a federal tax credit for energy savings, buy cellular window treatments. We even offer side lock systems and foam head rails to completely seal out drafts.
  • Bamboo Woven Wood Shades. If you live in a warmer climate, you might enjoy some bamboo woven wood shades. When they are closed, they allow breezes to pass through the windows while blocking out harmful UV rays. They also offer a serene, tropical sort of feel for the lovers of paradise. Some people refer to these types of shades as matchstick blinds or bamboo blinds. You can find them at our store in a variety of weaves, colors, and stains.
  • Pleated Shades. These offer a clean, simple look to finish any room. Some pleated shades are available without holes, meaning the lifting cord runs along the back of the shade so that no light can seep through. The fronts of pleated shades are thicker when compressed because of how they are designed. You can choose from an array of colors when you buy pleated shades through us.
  • Roman Shades. Offer a classic look that has stood the test of time. They bring elegance to a room and often come in fabrics like linen, silk and more. Our roman shades are best known for their opulence

No matter which type of shades you decide to purchase, give yourself a little extra flexibility with our top down, bottom up version. Check out your options at AffordableBlinds.com.

Reasons to choose cordless up down blinds

Today, there are a lot of window treatments that are available in the market. One of the many reasons people install affordable window solutions is to change or improve the appearance of a room. For many people, the priorities are privacy, light control and the reduction of UV ray light emission that can fade furniture, floors, paintings, and more. Our Top down and bottom up shades give you the functionality to combat all of these issues while looking great along the way.

They provide quality interior décors for homes, offices and other establishments. You can find cellular shades, woven woods (bamboo shades), roman shades, wood blinds, and mini blinds, all in bottom up blinds. The diverse colors, designs, and textures, help people complement and beautify their rooms even further. Our products are made from special kinds of fabric that can vary from sheer, to semi-sheer, to opaque, to semi-opaque.

Bottom-up-honeycomb shades are becoming increasingly popular and are even becoming essential to many different households. These types of shades are perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, or any room where light control and privacy are needed. They allow people to have the proper shading and privacy for any situation.

Are you wondering how to install cordless cellular shades with outside mounts? People who install these in their homes can adjust them by raising or lowering the shades from the bottom, just like you would with standard shades.

Here are some of the reasons you may want to buy our shades:

The first reason for buying our shades is that you get complete control of the light that enters any room. They allow homeowners to adjust the amount of light in their homes depending on their preferences. Whether people prefer to have heavily filtered dark rooms, lightly filtered rooms, or even completely blacked out rooms, these shades solve all lighting problems. You can finally enjoy the watching your favorite TV shows without the glare of sunlight.

Another reason you might want to buy our shades is that they can complement any room decor. They offer unique looks and charm and add to the overall ambience of the room where they are installed. They can easily turn a dull room into one that’s alive by making it look classy and elegant.

You may think that they are extremely expensive and costly to install, though that is not always the case. The prices of our shades largely depend on the size, design, and the kind of fabric used.

Our shades are the only type that can let in sunlight while still giving people the privacy that they want. Because the top and bottom rails function independently from one another, you can adjust the position by drawing the shade completely, letting it open, or with a combination of both.

Our shades function with two cords that are designated to each side. More often than not, the right cord is the one that is in control of the bottom rail, while the left cord operates the top rail. Many shades are available in cordless designs, which are much safer for children.

Our shades offer the combination of functionality and style. They give you tons of benefits at very reasonable prices. These types of shades are the best for any room in your house, office, or other establishments.

How to use top down cellular shades

Top down shades are used to maintain privacy and keep you protected from sunlight. This is why these window coverings are used in most homes. Every person who owns them will praise their ability to do so. Whenever people purchase electrical appliances or furniture, they always consider the protection. This is just as much of an important consideration when purchasing shades.

Real Shades are important to keep your home windows and other goods free from dust, humidity, and other harmful elements. People spend a lot of money to cover their windows, though there are various inexpensive options as well. You have to adopt a feasible and economical solution. These shades are available in a variety of different designs and play an important role in the decoration of your home. You can truly define the look of your home by the shades you use.

In the old days, you could either completely allow sunlight to enter in your room or to completely block it. Now the time has changed and technology has affected every industry of human life. Now you can have complete privacy in your room using these shades. By using these shades, you can choose how much sunlight to enter the room.

Whether you want light to enter or a room or stay out, these shades can get the job done. This is because they are adjustable throughout a full range. These shades are able to adjust from both sides, hence the name. For example, you can roll them from the top, as well as from the bottom.

The biggest advantage of these shades is that they are so easy to clean. They are manufactured with different materials, so it is a good idea to consider the manufacturing material when purchasing. If you want to keep away dust and dirt particles, you should consider getting shades with non-static material.

Some of these outside mount cellular shades come with cords while some are cordless. It all depends upon your requirements. They also come in different designs, which you can choose to decorate your interior walls with. Shades with good designs will play a key role in the attraction and charm of your home.

Why Our Shades Will Make Your Life Easier

Here are some simple advantages of these shades:

No clutter: No one likes the sight of cords all over the floor. They make rooms look cluttered and untidy. It can also be incredibly stressful if a cord ends up breaking.

Child safety:  With cellular shades bottom up top down, even your little one will be able to slide the window shades up with the touch of a finger. This also takes the risk of falling or choking out of the picture.

Pet Safety: Now you no longer have to worry about the safety of your pets. The cordless shades offer complete safety for your furry friends.

Different degrees of light control: Light control is a benefit that everyone can enjoy. The bottom up honeycomb cordless shades allow us to roll up the shade from the bottom or roll down the shade from the top, either simultaneously or one at a time.

Enhanced privacy: When compared to the vertical blinds/shades, one does not have to sacrifice privacy to get some sunlight.

Easier to clean and maintain: Cordless shades are far easier to clean and maintain than their counterparts. All it takes is a little bit of light vacuuming. Put away your soap and water, we’re in the new age!