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Outdoor Shades

Looking for waterproof, UV-blocking, and fade resistant outdoor shades to enjoy more time on your patio, deck, front porch, or other exterior space? These affordable exterior shades control sunlight and heat without compromising your view and privacy. 100’s of sizes, colors! Order a free sample now. Plus free shipping, warranties, up to 70% discounts, & more!

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Outside sun screen shades are available in different styles, ranging from woven wood shades to solar shades. Outdoor solar blinds come with different opacities or openness factors - from 1% to 14% - for the desired amount of light filtration, visibility, glare reduction in your pergola, porch, terrace, gazebo, or any other outdoor living space.

What Are Outdoor Shades?

Outdoor shades, also referred to as patio blinds or outdoor roller shades, are window coverings that are used to block the harsh sun and provide privacy in exterior spaces like patios, porches, and balconies. They consist of a panel that winds around a headrail and can be rolled up or down. 

They can be installed outside of your windows, on the top of a balcony, or in between porch columns to enjoy your outdoors on sunny days.

Key Features

  • Made from high-performance, durable sun shade fabrics
  • Premium weather-resistant flame-retardant material
  • 100’s of sizes - from 15 x 24” to 115 x 108” (width and height)
  • Various (loose and tight) UV-blocking fabric choices
  • Conform with CPSC’s new kid-safety standards
  • Available with battery-powered motorization option
  • Lead & formaldehyde free
  • Fungus and bacteria resistant
  • Low VOC and chemical emissions (Compliant with Greenguard guidelines)
  • Easy to measure for and install
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • 110% best price guarantee

How These Outdoor Shades Will Help You

Want to spend your time outdoors without risking sun damage? Here is how these window treatments are a better choice for outdoor spaces.

Shield UV, Not View

These patio shades will protect you from the harsh UV rays, while preserving a soft, crisp view of nature without squinting.

Create a Prefect Retreat

Want to create a perfect, restful retreat outside your home? These outdoor shades can transform your uncomfortably hot deck or balcony into a cozy spot to enjoy nature. These modern window covers will help you to regulate temperature and maintain privacy without blocking the view. 

Get a Glare-Free Environment

Want to use your television, laptop, tablet, or smartphone outside, these affordable blinds will make it easier to see or work on screens.

Better Privacy

These shades will make it harder for nosy neighbors or people in the street to look inside your patio or veranda.

More Efficient Temperature Regulation

During the summer, these exterior blinds will provide shade to cool down in. During the winter, they’ll block chilly breezes.

Protect Furniture

Worried about the discoloration, cracking, or warping of furniture and furnishings in your patio or gazebo? These window blinds will keep your precious belongings safe by keeping the bright sun off your exterior space.

Optional Upgrades to Make Your Exterior Shades More Luxurious

  • Cordless: Get rid of dangling cords to make your outdoor sun screens look sleeker. Just give a tug or lift on the bottom rail to control your cordless window coverings.
  • Motorization: With the optional motorized control, you can automate the raising or lowering of your outdoor window treatments with a remote or even your voice! They can also be programmed to open and close based on the time of the day when you are away.
  • Smart Lift: Integrate it into your smart home and use an app to operate your exterior sun blinds.
  • One-Touch Spring Roller: Simply touch the bottom hem to raise or lower the window covering.
  • Secured Continuous Cord Loop: Choose a vinyl or metal beaded chain.
  • Valance: Select a matching valance to decorate and protect your outdoor window treatments from the elements.

Personalize to Perfection

  • Opacity: Choose 1%, 3%, 5%, 10%, or 14% openness percentage to get desired amount of light control.
  • Roll Style: Select a standard (traditional) way to roll your outdoor shade up the back of the roller or let the fabric wrap over the top roll to create a waterfall effect.
  • Size: Treat all windows, from extra small to extra-large.
  • Color: White, ivory, silver, ecru, chocolate, charcoal, etc. (Match a color with your unique decor style)
  • Design: Select a modern trendy design or get a classic pattern for a conventional look.
  • Mount Style: Mount the shade on the wall or ceiling.

Affordable Price Range

Buy a custom outdoor shade online with a premium high-performance fabric for as low as $54! The average sale price varies from $70 to over $500 based on size, weave type, and other factors.

Easy Care

Regular light dusting or vacuuming will keep your sun blinds looking clean and brand new.

Additional Benefits

Buy this product here at and get:

  • Up to 70% discounts

Measuring Instructions

Here is our DIY step-by-step guide on how to measure outdoor shades to get started. 

Installation Instructions

All hardware components included. For a professional, inch-by-inch fit, follow our DIY step-by-step guide on how to install exterior shades.

Installation Time

12 to 15 minutes

Shipping Information

Shipped from San Diego, CA.

Key Considerations

  • Pick a neutral hue to match your home’s exterior.
  • Choose a tighter weave to block more light (blackout) or go with a looser one for extra airflow.
  • If your porch or patio has posts, columns, or railing, it will be better to install the shades between these architectural features.
  • Don’t scrub the shades when cleaning.
  • Use light blockers to cover light gaps.


Get a free sample to see how the real colors and textures look before finally selecting and buying the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are outside window shades called?

Outdoor shades, patio shades, porch shades, exterior shades, and exterior sun shades are some of the popular names for outside window shades.

How do you shade a patio on a budget?

A more affordable, child-safe, and visually-interesting way to shade your patio or any other exterior space is to install a cordless patio or outdoor shade.

How do you shade an outdoor window?

Various cost-effective options to shade an outdoor window include solar mesh screens, roller shades, exterior blinds, curtains, overhangs, awnings, and shutters. The best sun-protecting window covers among them are rollers.

Are patio shades worth it?

The direct answer is yes! Patio shades block up to 90% of the solar heat and the harsh UV rays, reducing your energy bills by 30%.

Need Help?

Use 24/7 live chat or call at (800) 863-6109 to contact our experts to choose the perfect size, color, and light filtration level for your outdoor blinds.




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