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Blackout Cellular blinds Blackout Cellular blinds

Blackout Cellular Shades

Here at Affordable Blinds, we have curated a complete blackout cellular shade product line for our customers to enjoy. Here you will find some of our best-selling blackout cellular shades. The reason many people choose to go with blackout cellular shades is that they have the ability to block out unwanted external light, making them a wonderful choice for those who have trouble sleeping or for those who need to sleep during the day.

Blackout cellular shades are also a wonderful choice for those who have media rooms or home theaters, as they can help block out unwanted glare so that you can enjoy your favorite flicks. When you add our high-quality light blockers to each side of your window, you can enhance the overall capabilities of these blackout shades.

Beyond keeping unwanted light out of the room, these blackout cellular shades work using air-trapping honeycomb cells, which help to stop heat transfer from inside and outside of your home.

The result?

Comfort all year-round and energy bills that are far lower than you might traditionally expect.

Our Collection

Within our massive collection of blackout cellular shades, you will find different construction types, including single-cell and double-cell. We also have unique XL options for those who have large windows.

The beauty of blackout cellular shades is that they stack completely when they are raised, providing you with a view of the outside that is both clear and unobstructed. Our blackout cellular shades are made out of durable, high-quality, and fray-proof polyester fabric. You will enjoy many years of use thanks to the anti-static and stain-treated characteristics of these shades too.

Beyond the high-quality design, you will also find a wide variety of colors and styles to match the decor in your home. With tons of different sizes as well, including the XL collection, you will be able to find something to complement just about any window.

There are also plenty of lift options to choose from as well, including top-down/bottom-up lift designs, cordless lift designs, smart release designs, and more. Choose your favorite color and style to get a completely customized view of your window.

Benefits of blackout honeycomb blinds

Choosing the right blinds for your windows can be an adventure owing to the numerous varieties of blinds available. When planning to purchase blackout cellular shades make a list of reasons you want to install them. If you’re on the hunt for a means to totally darken a room then blackout discount cellular blinds are the best choice. Unlike the normal blinds you see all over that do block off most of the light coming in, cellular blinds are intended to block all of the light when completely closed. These are basically a cordless double cellular shade design and a seamless shade that also has the feel and look of standard blinds. You can get these in a variety of brands, shapes and sizes. Different colors can also vary the light coming in. For total black out of a room, you’ll want to get the dark ones. If you want some light to come in but not enough to light up the room, another dark color is an excellent choice. You can also use this to give a room a hint of color as well. Brighter colored blinds such as white will obstruct all the dangerous rays but can let sufficient white light in to brighten a room or hallway. Blackout honeycomb blinds are perfect for rooms that serve as home theaters. With these blinds over the windows, you can totally darken the rooms to pitch black while watching movies or you can let in as much light as you like. You can also open them and let in the full light spectrum when using the room as a living area. There are many looks of these blinds to harmonize just about any decoration. You can find some images online as well as sites talking about the design and best way to use them. These are becoming a popular standard because of their insulating features as well! If you have never heard of cellular blinds, now would be a great time to start doing your research. You might have been missing out on darkest and coolest shades around. Unlike curtains, they don't take up much space and can, like shades, be hidden when not in use!

Our Blackout Cellular Shade Recommendations

If you have large windows, we highly recommend going with a Smart Release or Continuous Cord Loop style, as you’ll be able to operate your window shades with absolute ease.

Top-down/bottom-up blackout cellular shades are wonderful, as they allow you to let light in from the bottom or top of your window. You can even choose to go with a cordless option, which is perfect for those who have children or pets and want to create a safer and tangle-free environment. Plus, you can eliminate the hassle of having to pull a cord to get your shades where you want them to be.

For those who want the best insulation properties possible, we highly recommend going with double-cell shades. Double-cell shades are far superior to single-cell shades when it comes to insulation. If you live in a climate where you often deal with very hot or cold weather, then double-cell shades can be very helpful.

Those looking for customized light control might choose to add a day/night option onto their shades. The day/night option puts an additional sheer fabric shade atop the blackout cellular shades, allowing you to let a warm glow in during the day and completely block the light out at night.

A Few Considerations To Make When Buying

It is very important to note that cellular shades mounted on the inside will have vertical light gaps on the edges. The light gaps can be up to ¼” on each side, meaning the room will not be completely blacked-out. If you are looking to create a completely dark environment in your room, we recommend going with light guards, as they can provide total light blockage.

If you live in a home with pets or children, we recommend going with the many cordless lift options that we have available. Cords hold a lot of potential danger in homes with young children and pets, especially beaded chains. Beyond adding an element of safety to your window shades, cordless blackout cellular shade designs can help create a cleaner and crisper look without tons of tangled cords hanging from the top of your window whenever the shade is raised.

Why Buy Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are very popular thanks to their clean and contained design. They can fit nicely into just about any type of decor.

Of course, one of the major benefits of cellular shades is that they provide excellent insulation for both heat and cold thanks to the honeycomb designs.

Different types of  blackout blinds

There are different types of cellular blinds you can shop for in our online stores https://affordableblinds.com/. Cellular shapes are some of the most elegant blinds that are available. Compared to other kind of window treatments, they are very easy to operate and are well designed to fit for any modern or contemporary homes at . There are however different models available, and you might be confused with so many choices available. Here is a simple guide to introduce what are the different models and how they can be used. Blackout honeycomb blinds: This model of  blinds can completely closed and shut out the lights. For people who want to sleep during the day, using such blinds can really darkened the room and makes it easy for them to sleep. With the blackout function, some of the cellular blinds might not be able to be completely closed. Blackout cellular mini blinds: These smaller sized blinds are great for space constrained apartments and house. Such type of house typically has small windows of which only mini blinds can be used. In addition, they can also be used for windows that are perched high towards the ceiling as well as where the openings are usually small. Motorized cellular blinds: Due to advances in technology, we are now able to see blinds that have mechanic controls built into them. This allows home owners to easily control the blinds' movement via a remote control. For hard to reach windows, such blinds are perfect.

Advantages to Choosing room darkening honeycomb blinds

Use blackout honeycomb blinds for a darkening effect Use blackout honeycomb blinds for a darkening effect

There are many possibilities when it comes to acquiring window blinds. cellular blinds are created of cells that are bound by strong adhesive to form a cellular layout. Given that there are several possibilities, why pick cellular blinds? Read on to find their positive aspects. Room darkening cellular blinds have a significantly richer and additional attractive grain style as a result of their cellular structure. Regardless of whether they are placed in your living space or bathroom, these blinds can add a touch of elegance and class. These kind of blinds suit several decor themes which includes contemporary, classic or organic decor theme. Hence, as a house owner, you don't have to worry about how to decorate with them as they can complement so quite a few diverse kinds of themes. It is not hard to find cellular blinds and shades but what is tough is choosing the right fit for your room or home decor. It also needs to consider which type of darkening window treatments and coverings you should buy. You have to determine too if you are going to buy blinds or simply get cellular shades to blackout the amount of sunlight you need to go inside the room or house. cellular blinds have huge selections of types and designs to choose from. This is where you can become overwhelmed with the best and expensive ones to the cheaper types which are mostly cheap faux wood blinds which exude with elegance and beauty. If you choose the right combination of theme colors to match the room or home decor, you will have the look and feel of luxury. But first and foremost understand why you need to purchase cellular shades cheap such window treatments. cellular blinds are primarily used to block the amount of sunlight and glare that goes inside the house. The glare that normally makes your TV screen foggy because of the glare from the outside should block to have a comfortable view of your television. It will also give you privacy from the outside as it will cover the room or house from the outside. There is no better way to shop for these treatments and coverings than to go our online store and search for the right style and fit for your room and house windows. Honeycomb blackout blinds are perfect too for people who need a good sleep during daytime. You can always find large selections in our online store and with a lot of discounts and best prices on cellular shades that you otherwise will not find at your department stores or other blinds stores.

Blackout Cellular Shades Vs. Light-Filtering Cellular Shades

If you are set on getting cellular shades for your home because you love the insulating properties that they are known for, yet you are finding it quite difficult to choose between blackout cellular shades and light-filtering shades, we’re here to help.

Light-filtering shades allow light to filter in, hence the name. With light-filtering cellular shades, you can create a bit of ambiance in any room, all while providing a moderate amount of privacy. Light-filter cellular shades give any room a warm glow during the day, making them an excellent choice for living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, etc.

On the other hand, blackout cellular shades are made to block light out completely. They are also perfect for spaces where privacy is of the utmost importance. We often suggest blackout cellular shades for spaces like bedrooms, media rooms, nurseries, etc. You won’t get a better form of total light control with any other kind of cellular shade.

When it comes to finding inexpensive yet high-quality blackout cellular shades, we pride ourselves on offering all of the above, which is why so many happy customers recommend us to friends and family looking to purchase new window treatments for their homes or offices. Make sure to get in touch with us here at Affordable Blinds for a free sample.