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Outside Mount Cellular Shades

If your windows frame lacks minimum depth, you will have to install outside mount cellular shades. There are also other reasons to choose outside mount cellular shades, i.e., fully covering the window for greater insulation, light control, and privacy, and increasing the spaciousness of the window. And, if you are going to cover your door with low frame depth, you’ll need to fix outside mount window treatments.

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Also, cellular shades outside mount are easier to measure and install than their inside mount counterparts.

Apart from low-depth windows, outside mount cellular shades are recommended for window treatments in nurseries and rooms for day sleepers. By fully covering the window, they can provide excellent temperature control, energy conservation, and privacy for your room. At, easy-to-install outside mount honeycomb blinds offer lots of color choices, styles, fabrics, designs, and rich textures.

Also called honeycomb shades, outside mount cellular shades bring in aesthetic appeal and practical benefits for homeowners.

In addition to providing privacy and perfect light control, the cellular blinds outside mount ensure more decorator or curb appeal, insulation, reduction of energy bills, and more!

As the very name suggests, various models of the outside mount cellular shades for windows are built with cells that can trap air. This trapped air acts as a perfect insulation barrier. Also, there are single cell and double cell variants.

The cordless or motorized option makes them safe and perfect lift window treatment. That is, you can easily operate them while ensuring safety for your children and pets.

When it comes to material choice, the outside mount polyester cellular shade models are the most-loved variants of the outside mount honeycomb blinds.

In terms of style, the top down bottom up outside mount cellular shade models are very popular. Also, you can order a window treatment precisely cut to the size of your window.

Considering color option, ivory, dove grey, tussah, espresso, and white outside mount cellular shades are common.

However, if you go for a darker color, it will create a better nightfall shadow.

Benefits of Outside Mount Cellular Shades

There are dozens of convincing reasons why outside mount cellular shades with custom options are a top trend nowadays.

More Insulation Potential

The cellular structure of the cellular shades is very efficient at trapping air and providing insulation. If you go for cellular shades outside mount, it will further improve their insulation potential.

Meanwhile, the double cell variant of the outside mount cellular shades will further block out heat across the window or door of your home.

Greater Personalized Privacy

As outside mount honeycomb blinds fully cover the window, its frame, and some area around the window frame, they can provide greater privacy.

Single cell and double cell structures, top down bottom up opening and closing, and color choices are some of the options for personalized privacy control. Lighter colors will give lighter shadow while darker colors will give a darker shadow.

Meanwhile, while choosing their favorite outside mount cellular shades, homeowners also like to add some inches to width and length (w x l) for some added privacy.

A Viable Window Treatment for Doors

Outside mount cellular shades also offer a viable solution for covering doors. It is because the frame depth of doors is usually insufficient for inside mount window treatments.

Surpassing Decorator or Curb Appeal

The collection of outside mount honeycomb blinds available at Affordable Blinds has been created with advanced standards of design engineering and craftsmanship.

So, you get surpassing decorator curb appeal with white blackout shade models and all their variants.

Also, ordering a cordless blackout shade model perfectly cut to size of window along width and length (w x l) will further add to the decorator or curb appeal.

Better Nightfall Functionality for Day Sleepers

The outside mount cellular shades provide better nightfall functionality to homeowners than their inside mount counterparts.

The nightfall feature of outside mount cellular shade models would be especially appealing to day sleepers. For better nightfall functionality, you need to add a few inches along width and length (w x l).

Custom Size to Fit a Window of any Width, Length (w x l), & Depth

Lots of custom size options are available along the width and length (w x l) of your favorite outside mount cellular shades.

For example, according to width of your window, you can order outside mount cellular shades as small as 19 inches or as big as 72 inches.

And, depending on the length of your window frame, you can choose a size as small as 24 inches or as big as 84 inches. It should be precisely cut to size of your window.

Also, if the window frames have been fixed deep into the wall, you can go for custom size outside mount honeycomb blinds.

In short, precisely catering to your window’s dimensions, you can go on adding inches to width and length (w x l) of the cellular shades outside mount.

Choose a Color to Harmonize with Your Interior

The custom outside mount window shades are available in a great variety of colors for lighter or darker shadows.

So, corresponding to the appearance of your window or room’s interior, you can go for any color, ranging from white to ivory to espresso. However, darker colors will give a darker shadow.

However, white blackout shades and blinds are more common than others. The white outside mount honeycomb blinds exude an air of finesse and sophistication.

Also, white cellular blackout shades have better chances of harmonizing with the look and feel of your home’s interior.

Competitive Price Package with Huge Discounts – up to 70%

The outside mount cellular shades available at Affordable Blinds retailer store are competitively priced. Their affordability and economy is simply unmatched.

Even an exquisite outside mount cellular window treatment is priced a little over a hundred. Such a low price tag attached to outside mount cellular shade enables them to beat the competitors without a compromise on quality.

Also, there are also huge discounts of up to 70% on all the variants of outside mount cellular shades.

Perfect Folding for a Complete Outside View

As the sleek design of outside mount cellular shades allows them to be completely folded, you can have a complete view of the outside.

In other words, they don’t obstruct the beautiful view to the outside of your home.

A Window Treatment for All Weather Conditions

Cellular blinds outside mount at the Affordable Blinds Collection serve as an all-weather window treatment solution due to their outstanding insulation properties.

Lots of Outside Mount Cellular Shade Models

There is a huge diversity of outside mount cellular shade models to choose from. 

The popular models of outside mount cellular shades include:

  1. Cordless Cellular Shades ESSENTIAL
  2. Top Down Bottom Up Cordless Cellular Shades EXQUISITE
  3. Double Cellular Light Filtering Shades ELITE
  4. Blackout Cordless Cellular Shades NIGHTFALL
  5. Blackout Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades NIGHTFALL
  6. Day and Night Blackout Cordless Cellular Shades ECLIPSE
  7. Blackout shades Inside and Outside Mount

Why Choose Outside Mount Cellular Shades

While there are lots of reasons to choose cellular shades outside mount, some of them are listed as under.

  • More Insulation Plus Curb Appeal

Outside mount cellular shades ensure better insulation and energy efficiency in your home, office, or any other space than their inside mount counterparts. Meanwhile, their attractive designs, textures, and vibrant colors significantly contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your window and room’s interior.

  • Better Light Control and Blackout Function

In addition to providing insulation and curb appeal, outside mount cellular shades can also give total light control and blackout functionality.

Meanwhile, by raising, lowering, and adjusting or tilting the slats of fabric vanes of shades, you can customize the level of brightness inside your room as per your requirements.

By completely blocking out sunlight, they can save you and your belongings from the damaging effects of UV rays during the day. 

  • Functionality and Operation

Cellular blinds outside mount will not only improve the functional potential of your room’s window but also give you incredible ease of operation.

At the same time, you can go for any of the available optional upgrades for outside mount cellular shades to make the raising, lowering, and adjusting or tilting of the slats or fabric vanes even easier. Also, they can be integrated into your existing smart home automation system.

  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

You can quickly and conveniently clean your outside mount cellular shades through dusting, vacuuming, washing, and so on. However, while washing them, you need to make sure that motor and other electrical components (in case of motorized blinds and shades) do not get wet.

In the same way, it’s quite an easy job to perform maintenance and repair tasks. For this, you can follow simple DIY tips.

  • Hassle-Free Installation

Installing your outside mount cellular shades is a quick, convenient, and a hassle-free process. Also, you can easily measure for them. If you pay heed to minute details, your DIY installation will give the feel of professional installation.

Also, there is a free step-by-step installation guide for you. Meanwhile, you can utilize 24/7 online chat facility to get guidance about measurement and installation procedures from our customer support and services team.

Optional Upgrades

Several optional upgrades are available for your outside mount cellular shades at

  • Cordless Lift Option 

Cordless lift option comes as a smart safety feature for outside mount cellular shades of your room or home. With cordless outside mount window treatments, you can eliminate the risk of entangling or getting stuck with the cord. You will especially need such a feature if you have children or pets in your home.

  • Double-Cell Design

If your cellular blinds outside mount have a single-cell design, and you want to add an additional layer of insulation, you can go for double-cell upgrades.

  • Motorized Option

With motorized option, you can automate the working of your outside mount cellular shades. Motorized window treatments can be easily lowered, raised, and their slats can be adjusted or tilted with the push of a button. If you go for motorized option, we recommend you integrate your blinds or shades into your existing home automation system.

  • Remote Control Option

Your outside mount cellular shades may also be upgraded for a remote control operation. Remotely controlling the operation of your blinds and shades will be great fun.

Motorized shades usually require a rechargeable battery for round-the-clock operation. That option is available with cellular blinds outside mount as an optional upgrade. 

  • Full Range of Customer-Oriented Custom Options

There is a full range of customer-oriented customization options available with each model of the outside mount cellular shades. Therefore, you can personalize them for texture, material (like wood, faux wood, vinyl, polyester, and fabric), design, color, lift options, and more.

So, after shopping cellular shades outside mount, you can precisely personalize them according to your personal taste and the feel of your room’s interior.

Things to Consider Before Buying Outside Mount Cellular Shades

Here are a few things you need to consider before buying cellular shades outside mount.

  • Required Level of Insulation: While you plan to buy new outside mount cellular shades, do consider the level of insulation you need. If you need more insulation, cellular blinds outside mount will be a better choice.
  • Style: You need to consider the style of your window and room before you get a suitable outside mount cellular shade.
  • Size of the Window: The size of window in your room is an important factor to consider when choosing outside mount cellular shades of your home. Accurate window size measurement will ensure a perfect fit for your window.
  • Ventilation Requirements: If you want proper ventilation in your room during the daytime, you would like to go for outside mount window shades with a top down bottom up style. The top down bottom up style of window treatments has two openings (top and bottom). When opened from both top and bottom, cool air will sail into the room from bottom, while hot air will escape from the top.
  • Customizability: While deciding on buying your favorite outside mount cellular shades, you need to make sure that they come with customization options. In this way, you can completely personalize your window shades and blinds according to your taste, feel, and needs.
  • Color Choice: Color choice is an important factor to consider while shopping outside mount cellular shades. You will need a color that perfectly harmonizes with the interior of your room. Lots of vibrant colors are available for insulating blinds and shades at
  • Choice of Material: A suitable material for your outside mount cellular shades is also a very important point to consider before buying your cellular blinds outside mount.
  • Affordability: Affordability is one of the most important factors to consider while buying cellular shades outside mount.

Buying Guide for Outside Mount Cellular Shades

Measuring Instructions for Outside Mount Cellular Shades

While taking accurate measurements for outside mount cellular shade sizes may be quite an easy task, the values may differ for outside mount window and inside mount window options.

For detailed information about taking exact window measurements, you can go through the step-by-step “how to measure outside mount cellular shades” guide.

Installation Instructions for Outside Mount Cellular Shades

For the installation of cellular shades outside mount, you can read our DIY installation tips for how to install outside mount cellular shades.

Other available guides include cordless lift step-by-step guide, continuous chain operation step-by-step guide, and motorized lift step-by-step guide.

Product Specifications

Outside mount cellular shades are available in a variety of sizes, colors, natural or artificial materials, fabric choices, designs, and functional potentials.

When it comes to size, you may get outside mount window shades as small as 19 x 24 inches in width and height or length. Similarly, you can get a perfect size for an extra-large window, measuring 72 inches along the width and 84 inches along the height or length.

Child & Pet Safety Information

The cordless and motorized feature makes your outside mount cellular shades safe to use at places where there are children and pets. On the other hand, window shades with cords may not be safe for homes with children and pets.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Unlike many other kinds of shades and blinds, outside mount cellular shades are one long piece of fabric or synthetic material with a single headrail. When fully extended, cellular shades outside mount stretch along the length of your window. Not only do blackout shades inside and outside mount accumulate less dust, dirt, and grime than other types of window shades, but they are also much easier to clean.

To remove debris, all you really need is a good feather duster or soft microfiber cloth. If you have any serious stains on your outside mount window shades, you may consider using a damp rag and a mild cleaner.

In short, your outside mount cellular shades will be easy to maintain and will last for many years.

Information About Free Offers and Guarantees

  • Free Consultancy for Measuring, Installing, and Choosing Outside Mount Cellular Shades

Customer support and services team at is available 24/7 to help you out in every possible way. You can use the online chat option to get guidance about measurement, installation, and choosing the right product for your outside mount cellular shades, etc.

  • Free Samples

At, you can order a free sample of outside mount cellular shades that you want to buy later on. With this option, you can have a real-life experience with your favorite window covering before you actually buy it.

You can read more about free sample offers here.

  • A Free Lifetime Warranty

A free lifetime guarantee gives you peace of mind and the best value for your money. You can read more about what is covered and what is not covered under the free lifetime warranty here.

  • Free Shipping

With a free shipping option, you can save a big amount on your outside mount cellular shades. You can read more about a free shipping offer here.

  • Worry-Free Fit Guarantee for Outside Mount Cellular Shades

With a worry-free fit guarantee, you can secure your investment in outside and inside mount honeycomb shades and avoid any additional costs.

You can read more about Worry Free Fit Guarantee here.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Affordable Blinds online shop, we take pride in ensuring 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can read more about 100% satisfaction guarantee here.

Origin of Blackout Cellular Shade Products

Shipped from San Diego, CA.

Summing Up

The advanced outside mount cellular shades are the best window treatments with all-in-one functionalities. Their benefits range from insulation to aesthetic or decorator appeal to ultra-customization.

At’s collection, you can easily order a black shade model with your favorite color, material (fabric or polyester cellular shades), and precisely cut to size of your window.

Also, you can avail free facilities, like free samples, free shipping, a worry-free fit guarantee, and a lifetime guarantee. Also, there are huge discounts of up to 70% on outside and inside mount honeycomb shades.




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