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How to Install Outside Mount Cellular Shades

With the standard outside mount shades being an active option to consider while dressing up the window spaces in the roman style shades, it is essential to understand the more delicate aspects of going about constructing a set of outside mount window treatments.  For the most parts, there is not much difference between the inside mount options as compared to the outside option to the screens.  More than anything else, it is more a difference in presentation.  But there are occasions when the outside mount would be the most suited of methods, to have been applied to a window.


The most significant aspect on how to install top down blackout shades outside mount is the manner in which the extremities of the windows are measured.  There is a big difference in the way the inner mount is measured out as compared to the outer type of mount of the roman style window blinds.  Unless appropriately done the fabric and indeed the very screens would not fit into the recess made out for the ends to fall into.

If there is a strong point to using a cellular shade outside mount to a window screen, then it has to be for the rich and luxurious appearance that it provides the onlooker.  This makes it very important that the measurements are done right the first time around as the typically more expensive fabric types used in each case might not allow for much rework and correction.  Any deviations would mean a substantial extra expenditure most of the time.

  • The perfect guide to constructing an outside mount set of blinds

One of the more compelling aspects of having custom roman shades is the relative ease of proceeding on a budget.  There are a whole lot of websites and self-help groups that could come to the aid of anyone and everyone wanting to have a go at constructing a window blind on their own.  The increasing popularity of the cellular type of window blinds would mean that this relatively new entrant to the family of roman window shades can also be done using the mentioned sites as well.

There are of course the experienced hands at the self-help groups, and it would be of great help to enlist one of such persons to act as a mentor.  But this can at best be a luxury that few beginners can be considered lucky enough to come across.  The photos of outside mount shades are a starting point for the whole construction, and this could well be what the average seamstress gets to start out with most of the time click for more.

It would speak volumes of the ability of a home decorator to hit upon the winning factor in the outside mounted honeycomb blinds the first time around.  But there are suppliers like Affordable Blinds who would stock up on every accessory needed to make the outside mount cellular, and there is a helpful voice to be had by just calling on the toll-free helpline at any convenient time.

Outside Mount Blinds

Outside mount cellular shades are cellular shades that are installed on the outside of the window frame. These are different from inside mounts, which are installed on the inside of a window opening, lying flush in the window. Unlike inside mount shades, outside window blinds cover up the trim. They can either be mounted on the face of the window trim or on the wall above your window.

Benefits of Outside Mount Cellular Shades

Now, you’re probably aware of the benefits of cellular shades in general, though if not, here are some of the main reasons why our customer decide to go with cellular shades for their homes:

● Increased energy efficiency
● Noise reduction
● Sleek and modern appearance
● Easy operation
● Easy to clean and maintain

Now, you might be wondering,

Why would I choose to go with an outside mount cellular shade instead of an inside-mount cellular shade?

Well, first of all, you might not have enough room to mount on the inside of your window frame, as you must have a few inches of room at least to do so. However, beyond not having the right amount of room, there are plenty of benefits to consider when looking at outside mounts.

Install the Shades Further Above The Windows

With an outside mount blinds, you can install your shades further above your windows. Doing so can make your windows feel taller and more elegant. We highly recommend you do this if you have a smaller home, as it can provide the impression of taller ceilings. When you fully raise your outside mount cellular shades, they will completely stack above the window, giving you a full, unobstructed view of the outside.

Project The Shades Further From the Window

When you choose outside mount cellular shades, you can use extension brackets or spacer blocks to move the shades further away from the window. If you have a window with cranks that protrude out, you’ll still be able to raise and lower your shades without them getting in the way. Plus, having this extra space keeps the shades clear from the molding or trim around your window.

Better Light Coverage

Another major benefit of outside mount cellular shades is the light coverage. When you have an inside mount, you get small light gaps on each side. Even blackout cellular shades can’t combat this. When you use an outside mount, however, you get shades that are a few inches wider and taller than the window on every side. Essentially, you get full light coverage and total light blockage.

Finding the Outside Mount Cellular Shades At A Low Price

No matter what your budget is, Affordable Blinds can help you find the perfect outside mount cellular shades for your needs. It is very easy to look through our website and verify prices depending on the materials and dimensions of the product you are buying.

As you continue to move through our unique window treatment customization process, as well as add any unique features, our site will automatically adjust the price.




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