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Extra Long Roman Shades











































Extra Long Roman Shades Extra Long Roman Shades

How To Use The Extra Long Roman Shades To Good Effect

There are always some individual cases when the typical roman window blinds could not serve the purpose that it is intended.  This is typically when some unique applications like the extra long roman shades come to be used, and it is more an adaptation of an older version of a shade than something of a new application at best.

The length of the fabric used in the extra long roman shades

The defining aspect of the extra long window blinds is the extraordinary length of the blinds that can get to touch the ground on most occasions.  This does call for some innovative thinking as the old approach to the blind fabric would not quite work out here.  It must be pointed out that the typical material used in this sort of shades need to be thicker to provide a supporting medium for the blind.

When the standard window blinds are taken into consideration, the need to provide for the extra weight of fabric as well as the supporting hanging systems would all for an approach that would be entirely different from the earlier ones.

Strengthened window posts

The long roman shades need to be supported and hung from the window posts as any regular window blinds.  It thus follows that a strong enough structure is used to be able to handle the extra weight of the fabric and supporting elements as compared to the regular window blinds. Some users would seek to add pleats or tucks into the fabric, and this would only add to the already heavy window shades.

It is thus very evident that the window posts and any accompanying structure must be stronger and more robust than what would be used in a more traditional form of window blinds.

The choice offered to the designers and decorators

As far as home decorators and interior designers are concerned, they always tend to look around for opportunities to be different.  Thus the availability of an extended window blind should be seen as a choice often available to the designer to present something different to what is already available to the customer.

The individual freedom to express ideas is what defines the designers, and most of them would look to implement something out of the ordinary in most situations.  Often it is the out of the box approach that would bring in the attention to a designer, and this factor is the key to the continued success of the professional at best.

Finding the right supplier

The long roman shades The long roman shades

To the customer, it is vital that sufficient choice is provided before a selection of fabric and styles of construction are arrived at.  At Affordable Blinds, the clients are presented with the option that is so essential to the making of a window blind of choice.

The facility to have free samples of fabric at the shopping site would only add to the better utility of the facility at all times.  This would ensure that the best attempt at making the extra long roman shades are taken at any time.