• Color
    •     White
    •     Off White
    •     White Linen
    •     Hazy Beige
    •     Cloud Blackout
    •     Linen
    •     Hazy Beige
    •     Pearl Grey
    •     Ivory
    •     Light Brown
    •     Coffee
    •     Ivory White
    •     Silver
    •     Brown
    •     Charcoal
    •     Chocolate
  • Outdoor / Water Safe
    • Outdoor Use
  • Lift Styles
    • Motorized
    • Cordless
    • Top Down Bottom Up
    • Corded
  • Light Control
    • Light Filtering
    • Room Darkening
    • Blackout

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How Motorized Roller Shades Will Help You

  • Ultra-convenience: Open, close, or adjust them with the push of a button on a multi-channel remote, power wand, your voice, or a tap on your smartphone’s touchscreen.
  • Child-Safety: Cordless design prevents strangulation and choking hazards to your young children and pets. They fully comply with New Federal Safety Standards for Custom Window Coverings.
  • Fit for Oversized/Hard-to-Reach Windows: No struggling with oversized or hard-to-reach windows like skylights and windows above staircases.
  • Energy Saving: Besides offering better control on natural lighting, automated window shades provide insulation and improve your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Security: Connect your motorized shades to other smart home devices and set timers to open or close when you are away.
  • Fast & Quiet: Our remote-controlled shades roll up or down fast and flawlessly with no unpleasant sounds.
  • Privacy & Light Regulation: Besides offering privacy, these electric roller shades adapt to the sun’s position throughout the day ensuring the right amount of light in your home.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: These self-install shades are fully compatible with various smart home systems, such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and Apple Homekit.
  • Battery-Powered: They will keep working even during the hours of power blackout.
  • Customizable: Choose your preferred product from this Motorized Roller Shades collection and customize it for size, color, fabric material, and design to fit your unique decor.
  • Value: Smart app-controlled window coverings increase your home’s value amid the growing popularity of smart home automation technology.
  • Functional Variants Available: Choose a suitable functional variant of the latest smart roller shades from light filtering, sheer, and blackout or room darkening.
  • Comparative Low Cost: The average sale price of a fully equipped smart roller shade ranges from $200 to $500. This cost variation is especially based on size.
  • Easy to Care For: With a regular, light dusting and vacuuming, you can keep your motorized window shades clean and well-maintained.

Free Offers and Warranties

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Measuring Instructions

Here is our step-by-step measurement guide to get started.

Installation Instructions

For a professional-like fit and feel, follow our DIY step-by-step installation guide.

Installation Time

12 to 15 minutes

Shipping Information

Shipped from San Diego, CA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How expensive are Motorized Roller Shades?

Motorized roller shades are affordable window coverings. Their average price ranges from $200 to $300. These automated shades come with a rechargeable battery and can be integrated into your existing smart home automation system.

Are motorized window shades worth it?

Yes, motorized window shades are worth it. These long-lasting smart, automated shades could even save you money by regulating temperature in your room and helping cut down on your heating or cooling costs.

Can you make roller shades motorized?

Yes, you can. The typical way to motorize your existing roller shades is to buy an easy-to-install motor and insert it into the roller tube itself. Then you need to connect the motor to a power outlet or a rechargeable battery.


  • Affordable shades with automated, pre-scheduled operation
  • Sizes: 12 x 12” to 94 x 94”
  • Compatible with all smart home systems
  • Competitive prices



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