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Front Slats Roman Shade

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Our front slat Roman shades provide a very modern style. Rod pockets are sewn in the front for a more defined structured look. This structured, contemporary look calls for minimal dressing.


Rings are attached underneath the pockets, and flexible rods are then affixed to give the shade more weight to improve the visual effect and its functionality. All fabrics look amazing with this style, but it should be noted that slats do interrupt the prints.Front Slats Roman Shade


In front slat Roman shades, the slats, are sewn so that they stick out from the face of the shade when it’s down. When raised, all slats disappear under the fold above it. The shades draw up cleanly and tightly and cleanly.


  • Our Roman Shades come standard lined
  • 10% surcharge for Thermal Sateen
  • Different lining options available


Why Choose Our Front Slats Roman Shades


If you’re looking at the practical value of purchasing these kinds of shades, here are pointers that you can consider:


1.      Value


These shades are designed to last and seldom go out of style. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn't be too concerned about the high price initially. Furthermore, these shades are also known to stay in style for a long time, in case you are worried about them looking out of tune after a short period down the line.


2.      Variety


These shades have the largest variety, which gives you flexibility in choice. Hence, for the ones with specific tastes, they can browse through the entire catalog until they get something that they like and would want to have fixed in their home.


3.      Various Lift Options


Like other high-end shades, these too come with convenience features like cordless and the like which can definitely be helpful for use later on. It is something that holds prominence when you need it and perhaps can be useful on those lazy mornings when you just don't feel like waking up!


4.      Easy Maintenance


Only high-quality fabrics are used in our Front Slats Roman Shade. This means that you don't have to struggle with the maintenance and can be a little careless with it and not regret it. It is stain resistant to a degree and can be even completely automated, as stated above.


Adding Design Elements to Your Front Slats Roman Shade


Highly designed or personalized essential front slat roman shades look great when you design them in your home, but it’ll improve its overall visual appeal when you add some more design elements.


Whatever your design element or theme is, you can add style and beauty to a window treatment by adding drapery, shelves, dried flower designs, wall hangings, and other design elements.


To make your essential front slat roman shade really stand out in the room, you can try framing it. For instance, building or adding a cabinet or shelf above your window and then placing adornments and design items above can really make your window covering stand out.


If you're looking into designing more of a home feel, then putting some dried flowers above the window can be beneficial and can indeed make your home interior beautiful and extravagant.


When you shop with us, you get free samples and enjoy terrific discounts on many orders. And since we have many years of experience in the industry, you can always count on our proficiency if you need some more help with your order.