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  1.  Plain Roman Shade - Essential

    Plain Roman Shade - Essential

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    Highly functional and just a bit casual, our essential plain roman shades make sure that the windows themselves are part of the view. Learn More

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Cheap Roman Shades

Clearance Shades and Blinds Save up to 70% off some of our best selling discount roman shades, custom made roman blinds, woven wood roman shades and more!

Cheap Roman Shades are made to give off a more ornamental feel than your standard window shades, though with a classy rather than gaudy look. They’ve become a classic type of window dressing, as they seem to fit in with just about every design or decor trend that is out there. From creating a colorful burst in a room to slightly softening the entering light, Roman Shades can do it all!Cheap Roman Shade Options

Tips on Discount Roman Shades

The biggest problem is that they can be expensive…When you buy Roman Shades from brick and mortar home stores or name brand sites, you can end up spending hundreds a piece. At Affordable Blinds, we provide some of the most affordable Roman Shades on the market at a cost that can’t be beat! Let’s look at some of our favorite Roman Shade options. If you’re looking for a modest and contemporary way to dress your windows, Cheap Flat Roman Shades might be your best bet.

Everything you need to know About Clearance Roman Shades

Our Discount flat roman shades come in a variety of patterns that run from fancy and traditional to natural and straightforward. Flat Roman Shades give you those beautiful, accordion-style folds when they are fully raised up, though lie flat when they are hanging down. The reason we love those folds so much is that they create a look that is trimmed and fitted. The beauty is, the more and more that you fold them, the more the easier they become to fold. When it comes to patterns, flat roman shades are one of the best options on the market. Make sure to grab some free samples to see what pattern works best for you! 

Another favorite of our Clearance Roman Shades are our Discount Relaxed Roman Shades. Like the flat Roman Shades, these are perfect for casual environments, though the thing that separates them is the curved bottom. The folds create somewhat of a folded smile that brings a more sophisticated look to any room. With that said, they’re not incredibly formal, meaning you can put them in the kitchen or bedroom without feeling like your windows are overdressed. More than anything, they create a relaxed setting thanks to their soft design. Make sure to grab some of our free samples from Affordable Blinds to see which of our Relaxed Roman Shade patterns fit best with your decor! 

Shop Cheap Roman Shades

Discounted Roman Blinds HereCordless Discount Roman Shade designs are great for a number of reasons. For starters, you don’t need to worry about a danglic cord not being able to lift the weight of the shades with ease, meaning your shades will be much easier to lift up and down. Second, they create a much safe environment for children and pets. Lastly, they give your room a less cluttered look so that you can keep everything looking crisp and clean.

Look in any modern home and you’ll likely see cordless shades, as they give you a sleek appearance and easy-to-use design. Our cheap top down shades, which come in both corded and cordless options, allow you to raise the bottom or lower the top, giving you the ability to let light in from any angle. Make sure to check out our clearance Roman Shades page to see all of the different cordless options that we have available!

Why Buy Discount Roman Shades?

Designs For Every Style

You can find just about any color, design, or pattern, when it comes to Roman Shades. At Affordable Blinds, our Roman Shades clearance section is packed to the brim with a variety of colors and textures that are perfect for any room in the home. From light filtering, to blackout, to everything in-between, Affordable Blinds has it. Blackout Roman Shades allow you create a more energy-efficient space while blocking out light for total privacy. Clearance Light filtering Roman Shades allow a small amount of light in to help soften the room without completely darkening it.
Great Discounts on Roman Shades Shop Now

Roman Shades are easily one of the most versatile types of window treatments around. Look at our Affordable Blinds site and you’ll find tons of different Roman Shade styles to best fit your home environment. From wood to fabric, flat to relaxed, and cordless to corded, there are tons of cheap roman shades (cost wise) available at prices that you won’t believe!

Interested in looking at some of our Roman Shades that on are on clearance? You can even pick up some free fabric samples beforehand to test out your chosen styles at home before you buy!